Friday, November 18, 2011

Revive the Seven Council Fires | Lakota People's Law Project

Revive the Seven Council Fires | Lakota People's Law Project: The American Indian Tribes of the Great Plains are often referred to today as the Great Sioux Nation, but traditionally we refer to ourselves as the Oceti Sakowin—the Seven Council Fires. Deeply connected to one another and to all living beings, family has always been extremely important to us. We think in terms of “all our relations” and when we die we are judged by how good of a relative we have been. Politically we organize ourselves according to a system of kinship, with the extended family—tiospaye—at the center. Responsibility towards relatives extended outwards in networks, to the nation—tonawan—and ultimately to the Seven Council Fires, composed of the seven nations in our land:

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