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Doc Shillington
Tuesday, January 08, 2013
GMO And Logic
Organic Solutions
Volume 12 – Issue 10


Over the last two decades, I’ve watched Big Agra (Monsanto, Dupont, and other Corporations) expand their GMO = Genetically Modified Organism Programs beyond anyone’s imagination. Their main PR (Public Relations) public image front has been: “The Promotion of GMO Solutions that solve the feeding of Growing World Populations”, while “Limiting the negative effects of destructive Insects and Weeds”. On the surface, and if one were to believe this PR coming from these companies, their intentions appear to be nothing more than a wonderful humanitarian program that puts these corporations like Dupont and Monsanto on the right hand side of God. Is this true? Is this really the case?

Wellllllllll, let us forget for a moment about the French Scientific Studies that have proved beyond any shadow of doubt, the connection between GMO Foods and Cancer. Let’s not even look at the handful of Swedish Scientists that lost their jobs when they exposed the direct link between GMO laden Products, Obesity & a dramatically shortened lifespan.

Let us simply look at the issue from the viewpoint of “Logic”. In other words: Does it make sense???

When a person discovers a new “cure” for a serious disease, the normal human action would be to scream it from the rooftops. Wellllll wouldn’t it? – especially if it were going to make the Medicos a ton of money? When a new Computer Program, Service or piece of Hardware gets invented, you see nothing but an explosion of information on the Internet, and the next thing you know, everyone is ordering this latest fad for their businesses or their personal convenience.

In other words, when a bright idea that is truly beneficial to one and all does come into play, the one thing that individuals and companies love more than anything else, is the promotion of their new product or procedure so that “Word of Mouth” becomes viral.

Have we seen this at all with GMO??? Not one iota!

On the contrary: Dupont, Monsanto, and these other Corporations spent millions to fight California Proposition 37 and its mandatory labeling of GMO Foods and products that contained any GMO in them when LOGIC and GOOD SENSE would dictate that they should have been screaming their products from the rooftops, and jumping on any band wagon that was promoting their products AND THE BENEFITS OF THESE PRODUCTS!!!

Doesn’t this make sense? Isn’t this LOGICAL?

Instead, because they are doing the opposite, it makes one wonder what they have to hide and what they are really up to. What are their actual intentions???

Is it possible, that instead of being a benefit to all of mankind and the feeding of all the World’s peoples, that their agenda is actually connected to the International Bankster’s plan of World Depopulation?

Is it possible, that because GMO Practices allow one to “PATENT” these foods so that only they can control the growing of it, and the selling of it, that their motivation is based only on profits and not on humanitarian objectives at all???

Welllllllllllll my friends, I’m not going to do your thinking for you. I can only suggest you actually “LOOK” and then using “LOGIC” make up your own minds on the subject.

A great film on the subject is called, “The Future of Food”. I highly recommend it.

In Knowledge, Health & Freedom,


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GMOs Biggest LIE!

Herbal_Remedies : Message: Salatin on GMOs
"...Perhaps no other violation of basic Americanism and personal autonomy could be more flagrant than the blatant trespass of patented, owned life form slaves promiscuously crossing fences and impregnating a neighbor's living beings. That these are plants and not people or animals makes no difference: fundamental human rights demand security in one's person and property within due process, that the neighbor's fist ends at my nose, that property is the expression of opportunity.

Every district attorney in America is guilty of dereliction of duty by not prosecuting these life form owners of trespass. If their bull came onto my property, they would be liable. If their chickens scratched out my flower beds, they would be liable. If their partying interfered with my napping, they would be liable. But their beings may trespass, promiscuously and with impunity, conduct sexual orgies with my open-sourced and heritage-domained beings, and not only are they not liable; I must pay a fee for the privilege of being impregnated by their genetic studs.

It's the most outrageous and evil, arrogant and tyrannical thinking possible, and the American judicial system, from courts to prosecutors to the sheriff's department, are complicit. If someone invented and patented a car part that jumped off their car in a parking lot and scratched my car parked in the adjoining space, the police would arrest that patent owner for trespass. And that's simply a machine, not life, not living beings.

If basic common law jurisprudence dating back to the Ten Commandments, to the Magna Carta, were applied in this case, we wouldn't need labeling laws. We wouldn't need to seek redress at our expense. The reason for government is to encourage righteousness and discourage evil. Today's America has flipped this justification on its head and instead encourages evil and discourages righteousness. This is not big versus small, innovation versus traditionalism, or public versus private. This is as simple and basic as the notion that a neighbor who comes over and trashes my flower garden is wrong and should be punished.

No amount of corporate posturing, free market cultism, libertarian (and you know I'm a libertarian) apologetics, ortechnology worship can justify a neighbor trashing my flower garden. It just ain't right. Folks, this ain't normal..."

Joel Salatin
Polyface Farm
Swoope, VA

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Message: are "the elite"

Herbal_Remedies : Message: "the elite"
Dear Friends,
From what I can personally see, "the elite" is a very, very, very small number of individuals. Their primary visible "game" is to label different factions and get them to fight each other.

The more hidden tools are poisons like GMOs, microwaves, mercury (in fillings and vaccinations) aluminum and fluoride in the water, etc., that bring about stupidity, poor health, death, and sterility.

These are facilitated by drug-based symptom suppression, otherwise known as "modern health care." Another tool is assassination. Another is public ridicule (often for the sex crimes they get people involved in). Another is creating money out of the air so those who depend on them can "buy" anything they want or need without providing a valuable product in exchange.

Yes, they do have a lot of money and "power."
YOU, however, are more important, actually, than any of "them."
YOU are awake.