Monday, June 11, 2018

The Papers – The Poison Papers

The Papers – The Poison Papers

The “Poison Papers” represent a vast trove of rediscovered chemical industry and regulatory agency documents and correspondence stretching back to the 1920sTaken as a whole, the papers show that both industry and regulators understood the extraordinary toxicity of many chemical products and worked together to conceal this information from the public and the press. These papers will transform our understanding of the hazards posed by certain chemicals on the market and the fraudulence of some of the regulatory processes relied upon to protect human health and the environment. Search instructions for the Poison Papers.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Earth Energy / Earth Power

Earth Energy / Earth Power

One way is to go outside, take off your shoes, and stand on the Earth -- not on the concrete or the asphalt, not on the redwood deck, but rather on the Earth itself. Wiggle your toes to get down to the ground. Sure, you can stand on the grass, but if you wiggle your toes you can get in between the blades of grass and down there to the Earth so you're really touching the Earth, the soil.
Then what you do is close your eyes, and sense a ball of light above your head, a wondrous ball of light floating above your head. Take a very deep breath, inhaling, inhaling, inhaling -- filling your lungs as fully as you can. Let your shoulders broaden to fill your entire diaphragm. Now, some of you can't breathe that deeply. Just do what you can. This is not to suffer over. It's to draw in the Earth's energy.
Then as you exhale -- holding that breath until you're ready -- sense that ball of light coming down to the top of your head, moving in through your head, through your neck, down your spinal column to the base of your spine. Then sense that ball of light coming out of your body at that point and -- as you are skewered on this light -- let it plunge into the earth -- still on your exhale. So it's an exhale the whole time as the ball falls through you, out of you, and down into the earth.
Then you hold your exhale -- comfortably, though. Then inhale, and as you inhale sense yourself drawing the energy of the Earth into you. And then exhale, and then inhale again, drawing more of that energy in. And you may find that it takes three or four breaths. The first one may go only to the knees. The second one maybe to the waist. The third one to mid-torso. And the fourth one may be filling you fully and completely. Or you may find it's two breaths or six or whatever. Just let it be what it is. Draw that energy in through that beam of light that you have plunged deep into the earth.
You have grounded and you have held into the Earth to draw that energy into you. That will similarly fill you with that Chi or Ki energy, and make you balanced and aligned with the earth.

Mining the Chat Groups for Truths

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Vasectomy and Hysterectomy are both very profitable for doctors and hospitals. . . However, people then loose their fundamental systems for hormones and lymph system operations.  Thus, the resulting health complications are extensive and completely impossible to link to the action medical surgery.  This is a strong exploitive monopoly with excessive profits and very little liability risks. 

I did research on this once.  The Florida hospital systems have nearly a dozen different names for a Hysterectomy and literally hundreds of excuses to complete them . . . birth control, stop hot flashes, reduce stress. . . etc. . .   I was stunned to find out how often these are done "routine"  (similar to prostate surgery) - - - Of course the resulting defective hormones and lymph leads to a defective immune systems = Creating Cancer!

But all the profit on cancer means they will never admit any "causes" for cancer except immediate toxins. Like the dentist who will carefully cover your body with a protective lead blanket to x-ray your teeth, but every flight you take is like 10-50x that, and those security folks are certainly all getting fried with no liabilities!  

The American Machine gone Mad!

Yes Qi moves faster as it has less to move through, basic physics. . . 

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

academics entirely at the university administration’s mercy

ROAR Magazine

the neoliberal knowledge economy, most academics find themselves under immense pressure to meet standardized performance criteria, focusing much of their energy on the marketability of their work. These intellectual workers don’t clock out after an 8-hour day, and many are in fact running on a 24/7 schedule. For them, there is no end to the workday and no more life outside of work.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Join this Global Moonshot

#onebillionhappy – Join this Global Moonshot = create a billion happy people!

This mission is my attempt to fulfill the task assigned to me by my happiness idol, my wonderful son, Ali. My hope is that by sharing his message -his peaceful way of living- I may be able to honor his memory and continue his legacy. I tried to imagine the positive impact spreading this message could create, and I realized that maybe it is not for nothing that I have a high-profile job with global reach. So I took on an ambitious mission: To help one billion people become happier, a movement that I ask you to join so that together we can create a small-scale global pandemic of Ali-style joy.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Your “Healthy” Diet Could Be Quietly Killing Your Brain | Psychology Today

Your “Healthy” Diet Could Be Quietly Killing Your Brain | Psychology Today

"The brain thrives on a fat-rich, low-carbohydrate diet, which unfortunately is relatively uncommon in human populations today," he says. Carbohydrates typically thought of as healthy, even brown rice, 100% whole grain bread, or quinoa—mainstays of many of the most health-conscious kitchens—cause disorders like dementiaADHD, chronic headaches, and Alzheimer’s, over a lifetime of consumption. By removing these carbohydrates from the diet—harbingers of inflammation, the true source of problems that plague our brains and hearts—and increasing the amount of fat and cholesterol we consume, we can not only protect our most valuable organ, but also potentially, undo years of damage. Cholesterol, for example, long vilified by the media and medical community, actually promotes neurogenesis (the birth of new brain cells) and communication between neurons, to the degree that studies have shown that higher levels of serum cholesterol correlates to more robust cognitive prowess.

The book is also not without serious consideration for cardiovascular system, citing study after study to reaffirm that it’s not fat and cholesterol, but carbohydrates and certain fats—and not the fats that you would think—that are the true enemies of heart and vascular health. Guidelines to eating for above-average health and longevity are not without nuance, but Grain Brain lays out an easy-to-understand roadmap packed with the latest science in a colloquial writing style, never once doubting the ability of its audience to keep up.
As the only doctor in the country who is both a board-certified neurologist and Fellow of The American Board of Nutrition, he deftly covers a topic rarely discussed: How what we eat affects the health of our brain. And considering that deaths from Alzheimer's increased 68 percent between 2000 and 2010, the timing of Grain Brain couldn’t be better.
After reading it, I couldn't wait to sit down with him for a Q&A. (My questions are in bold.)
You’ve stated that carbs of any kind, from natural sugars in fruit to the complex carbs in quinoa and a whole wheat bagel, are detrimental to the brain, to the point that the most serious degenerative brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, are now being referred to as “Type 3 diabetes”. What’s the science behind this?
Carbohydrate consumption leads to blood sugar elevation obviously in the short term, but also, in the long term as well. Persistently challenging the pancreas to secrete insulin to deal with dietary carbohydrate ultimately leads to insulin resistance, a condition directly associated with increased risk for dementia. What’s worse, insulin resistance is the forerunner of type 2 diabetes, a condition associated with a doubling of Alzheimer’s risk. In a recent report in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.(link is external), Mayo Clinic researchers showed that individuals favoring carbohydrates in their diets had a remarkable 89% increased risk for developing dementia as contrasted to those whose diets contained the most fat. Having the highest levels of fat consumption was actually found to be associated with an incredible 44% reduction in risk for developing dementia.

Monday, January 01, 2018

10 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health Immediately

10 easy things you can do to improve your health immediately

1. Eliminate refined sugar from your diet
Table sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and most of the other common sweeteners are poison to your body. Artificial sweeteners are toxic chemicals and should be avoided at all cost. Given a choice, choose white sugar over nutrasweet any day but know that both are terrible for your health.

2. Cut out or at least cut down on all other processed and refined foods
If you’re one of those people who has nothing but microwave dinners in your fridge and snack bars, cereal, and chips in your pantry, you’re not eating healthy. Even if all of those products wear the organic label, processed, refined, and pre-packaged foods should not be your main staples. There are some great meal replacement bars and shakes out there that are very nutritious but they need to be secondary to the mainstay of a healthy diet: raw fresh produce.

3. Get sunlight
Sunlight is natural and we need it. All of life needs sun in one way or another. If you are healthy and do not have toxins oozing out of your pores, then you shouldn’t have to worry about skin cancer. Use common sense. The more fair skinned you are, the less sun you need. Build your tolerance slowly and get a tan.

4. Take the right multivitamin/mineral supplement
If you bought your multivitamin/mineral supplement at gnc or a drug store, you’re probably wasting your money. Any Big Pharma is a Big Mistake, only get multivitamin-mineral supplements from a saft organic provider.

5. Make sure your diet is alkaline
If you follow the previous suggestions, your diet will be alkaline. Cancer, viruses, bacteria, and virtually every other illness or disease from lupus to diabetes thrives on, even generally requires, an acidic environment. Dr. Shillington recommends body balance to help you regain the proper alkaline ph in your body. Body balance is available at his website

6. Make sure you get enough omega 3’s
Dr. Kelly recommends cod liver oil by nordic naturals. “this will give you a healthy dose of omega 3s.” He says, “i don’t recommend a 3-6-9 blend because the body can convert omega 3s into 6s and 9s if needed. But it can’t convert anything else into 3s. And you need the 3s to heal. You need the omega 3s to take away inflammation. Studies show that most people will die from inflammation and inflammation related health problems.” Dr. Kelly’s contact information is available on his website

7. Hot cold hydrotherapy
Hot and cold hydrotherapy dramatically moves blood and can lower your stress levels for optimum health. Many health practitioners will tell you there is no better way to treat disease than hot and cold hydrotherapy. Take a Hot Shower, and drop it cold before getting out.

8. Workout the right way
Yoga is a great way to get a good, low-impact workout, to tone muscle, and to build stamina. Do something at least a few times a week that will make you break a sweat and breathe heavily. Your body detoxifies through its skin and lungs more than though defecation and urination. Sweating and breathing heavily has many health benefits.

9. Stop suppressing your symptoms
When you take drugs for colds, headaches, and other minor (and major) health ailments you are not making yourself well. You are generally suppressing the symptoms. A lifetime of suppressing symptoms like headaches, sore throats, and coughs will have detrimental affects on your health. When you don’t feel good, your body is trying to tell you something while it tries to fix the problem. Don’t ignore it.

10. Have the right mindset
Dr. Shillington says, “all disease is curable! But not all patients are! There are those who are determined to be victims and who are actually trying to succumb!”

Monday, December 18, 2017

Tax plans and science

Tax plans and science: Some argue that tax cuts will pay for themselves—that is, stimulation of the economy will generate so much additional revenue that increased tax receipts will make up for the loss of revenue associated with decreases in the tax rates. However, analyses from economists from a wide range of perspectives refute this notion. Stimulation of the economy associated with tax cuts will diminish the impact of such cuts, but not nearly enough to pay for lost revenue associated with the rate changes. Ignoring evidence that is widely agreed upon by a field of qualified economists while presenting tax changes that seem to be based on wishful thinking is a bad foundation for policy changes. Evidence and transparency must be brought to bear on the decision-making processes that shape a nation's economic health as the proposed provisions will undermine U.S. science and technology and will substantially influence the lives of many people, alter the ability of the government to support programs including those related to science, and affect generations to come.

However, what continues is provisions emerged from a remarkably opaque process with little or no discussion of their policy objectives or analysis of data that would inform these important decisions.