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Healthy Home Tips 02: Go organic and eat fresh foods | Environmental Working Group

How to avoid pesticides on your food

  • Buy organic when you can. Organic produce is grown without pesticides, so when you eat it you’re not also eating toxic chemicals. As it should be.
  • Don’t use pesticides to grow your own food. More and more Americans have backyard and community gardens. Use natural techniques – not pesticides - to manage pests.
  • When you can’t buy organic, buy less-contaminated conventional produce. Every year EWG ranks popular fruits and vegetables based on the amount of pesticide residues found on them. For example, apples and peaches top our “Dirty Dozen” list, so buy those organic, but sweet corn, peas and watermelon are all in the “Clean 15,” so you can feel better about buying those raised conventionally.
  • Download the guide and the handy iPhone app at Donate and we'll send you a fridge magnet, too.

WHO | Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization

Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization

The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization was established by the Director-General of the World Health Organization in 1999 to provide guidance on the work of the WHO Immunization Department. The Terms of referenceof the Group were revised during 2007 in view of the development of the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS). SAGE is the principal advisory group to WHO for vaccines and immunization. It is charged with advising WHO on overall global policies and strategies, ranging from vaccine and technology, research and development, to delivery of immunization and its linkages with other health interventions. SAGE is concerned not just with childhood vaccines and immunization, but all vaccine-preventable diseases.

SAGE Members

It is Official: WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections to Almost Two Hundred Countries « Speak Truth 2 Power

It is Official: WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections to Almost Two Hundred Countries

vaccinations1by Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor

Executives from Baxter, Novartis, Glaxo-Smith Kline, and Sanofi Pasteur have seats at the advisory group that on July 13th recommended mandatory H1N1 vaccination of everyone in all 194 countries that belong to the World Health Organization (WHO), according to a report just issued by journalist Jane Burgermeister. WHO spokesperson Alphaluck Bhatiasevi confirmed that Dr. Margaret Chan did not give the press briefing at WHO headquarters in Geneva as anticipated. At short notice, Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny stepped in to announce that “vaccines will be needed in all countries.”

According to WHO documents, vaccines “such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines are important.” Health workers, pregnant women, healthy young adults of 15 to 49 years, and healthy children will be the targeted groups of the world wide vaccine effort.

“All countries should immunize their health-care workers as a first priority to protect the essential health infrastructure. As vaccines available initially will not be sufficient, a step-wise approach to vaccinate particular groups may be considered,” according to Paule-Kieny. The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunisation established by the Director-General of the WHO in 1999, suggested the following groups for consideration, noting that countries need to determine their order of priority based on country-specific conditions: pregnant women; children over the age of 6 months with one of several chronic medical conditions; healthy young adults of 15 to 49 years of age; healthy children; healthy adults of 50 to 64 years of age; and healthy adults of 65 years of age and above. - Centre for Research on Globalization

he Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) is an independent research organization and media group of writers, scholars, journalists and activists.

The CRG is based in Montreal. It is a registered non profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada.

In addition to the Global Research website, the Centre is involved in book publishing, support to humanitarian projects as well as educational outreach activities including the organization of public conferences and lectures. The Centre also acts as a think tank on crucial economic and geopolitical issues.

The Global Research webpage at
publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focussing on social, economic, strategic and environmental processes.

The Global Research website was established on the 9th of September 2001, two days before the tragic events of September 11. Barely a few days later, Global Research had become a major news source on the New World Order and Washington's "war on terrorism".

Since September 2001, we have established an
extensive archive of news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media.

In an era of media disinformation, our focus has essentially been to center on the "unspoken truth".

During the invasion of Iraq (March-April 2003), Global Research published, on a daily basis, independent reports from the Middle East, which provided an alternative to the news emanating from the "embedded" journalists reporting from the war theater.

In early 2006, Global Research established a separate French language website,, which reaches Francophone readers in Western Europe, North America, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

In 2007, we launched Spanish, Portuguese and German language pages, which contain translations of Global Research articles. Arabic, Italian and Serbian language pages were launched in 2008.

The articles in French are contained in a separate archive. Those in other languages are contained in the main archive.

In 2008, Global Research launched the Global Research News Hour radio program, in collaboration with the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). The GRNH, broadcast by RBN out of Houston (Mon-Fri) provides a global perspective on what is happening in America and around the World, with noted guests sharing their expertise with listeners.

Global Research articles are used as source material by college and university students. Moreover, numerous universities, libraries and research institutions have established a link to Global Research on their respective web sites.

Global Research has also become a source of specialized information and analysis for journalists.

Since 2001, Global Research has established an international network of writers and analysts. Global Research counts among its regular contributors a number of prominent writers, researchers and academics as well as several promising young authors.

The Global Research Archive includes more than 10,000 articles and news reports. Our
data bank includes a classification by author, and by country. Also of interest is an archive of audio-video material.

Global Research is classified among the top 50 Alternative News Sources by, Global Research is also recommended as a resource by the American Library Association (ALA).

In 2008, Global Research was awarded The First National Prize of the Mexican Press Club, for the "best Research website" at the international level.

In the course of the last few years, several Global Research authors have received awards for their writings.

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The Real News Network - Our Mission

The Real News Network is a television news and documentary network focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism.

Our staff, in collaboration with courageous journalists around the globe, will investigate, report and debate stories on the critical issues of our times.

We are viewer supported and do not accept advertising, government or corporate funding.

What's Real About Us

We won't blindly follow wire services or official press releases that attempt to set the news agenda. We will cover the big stories of the day, but we will broaden the definition of what's important.

The Real News will investigate, report and debate stories that help us understand the critical issues of our time.

The movements for the rights of working people, women, children, immigrants, indigenous people, for freedom of religion and conscience, for moral and spiritual values and for peace and against racism are news. The health of our planet will be a story, day after day.

The Real News will give important stories the attention and sense of urgency they deserve.

Who's a Newsmaker?

We will cover people in high office, but we won't limit our news to official positions or the partisan horse race for power. We think that people who fight for human rights and work for solutions are newsmakers.

Targeting a Mass Audience

We will make stories that matter dramatic and engaging. We will combine sizzle with substance, understanding that craft and entertainment values are critical to winning a large audience.

Daring Debate

Many sides of an issue will be explored, taking debate beyond narrow partisanship. Guests will have deep knowledge and investigated opinions. Debate will be lively and witty and will resist personal attacks, talking points and empty rhetoric.

Bias, Accountability and Transparency

We all have interests. We recognize that bias will affect the elements in a story we choose to highlight, the facts we consider important and the sources we decide to trust. To be human is to have bias. The answer is transparency; The Real News will create forums for questioning, debating and criticizing our work.

Back to Basics

The Real News relies on verifiable journalism, seeking truth without bowing to pressure and fearlessly following the evidence wherever it leads.

Viewer Support

The Real News will be financed by the economic power of thousands of viewers like you around the world. Just 250,000 people paying $10 a month will make it happen.

Join us in making The Real News a reality.

F W Engdahl

“What is so frightening about Engdahl's vision of the world is that it is so real. Although our civilization has been built on humanistic ideals, in this new age of "free markets", everything-- science, commerce, agriculture and even seeds-- have become weapons in the hands of a few global corporation barons and their political fellow travelers. To achieve world domination, they no longer rely on bayonet-wielding soldiers. All they need is to control food production.” (Dr. Arpad Pusztai, biochemist, formerly of the Rowett Research Institute Institute, Scotland)

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Deadly Docs Ration Care

Deadly Docs Ration Care: "Emanuel bluntly admits that the cuts will not be pain-free. 'Vague promises of savings from cutting waste, enhancing prevention and wellness, installing electronic medical records and improving quality are merely 'lipstick' cost control, more for show and public relations than for true change,' he wrote last year (Health Affairs Feb. 27, 2008).

Savings, he writes, will require changing how doctors think about their patients: Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously, 'as an imperative to do everything for the patient regardless of the cost or effects on others' (Journal of the American Medical Association, June 18, 2008).

Yes, that's what patients want their doctors to do. But Emanuel wants doctors to look beyond the needs of their patients and consider social justice, such as whether the money could be better spent on somebody else."

SWMM 5 or 5.0 Blog

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Additional SWMM 3,4 Converter Information

Step 1: Open up or run the converter
Step 2: Define your text editor if you want to use the Edit Button
Step 3: Define the programs ini file if you want to use it multiple times
Step 4: Click on Select to convert either a Runoff, Runoff and Transport or Runoff and Extran
Step 5: Click on Convert to convert the two selected files
Step 6: File Converted Message will tell you that the file9s) were converted correctly.
Step 7: Please make sure to check the log file to confirm that everything was converted successfully.

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SWMM5 Advanced Calibration File Formats

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WAYNE MADSEN REPORT - Wayne Madsen Report

WAYNE MADSEN REPORT - Wayne Madsen Report: "French support workers taking bosses hostage. Le Monde, Apr. 14, 09. 'In less than a month five industrial sites have seenworkers detaining their boss or senior company executives. After Sony (Landes), 3M (Loiret), Caterpillar (Isere), and Scapa (Ain), the employees of Faurecia (Essonne) launched, Thursday 9 April, into an action detaining their managers . . . Despite the condemnation by the head of state -- 'I will not allow things like this to happen,' he declared on 7 April -- the French people themselves do seem to understand, even approve of, these actions.' English URL unavailable. Sarkozy is a neocon fascist windbag and a paper tiger."




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The words of God do not justify cruelty to women | Jimmy Carter | Comment is free | The Observer

The words of God do not justify cruelty to women | Jimmy Carter | Comment is free | The Observer:

"The words of God do not justify cruelty to women Discrimination and abuse wrongly backed by doctrine are damaging society, argues the former US president

"Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status ..." (Article 2, Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28)

I have been a practising Christian all my life and a deacon and Bible teacher for many years. My faith is a source of strength and comfort to me, as religious beliefs are to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

So my decision to sever my ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, after six decades, was painful and difficult. It was, however, an unavoidable decision when th e convention's leaders, quoting a few carefully selected Bible verses and claiming that Eve was created second to Adam and was responsible for original sin, ordained that women must be "subservient" to their husbands and prohibited from serving as deacons, pastors or chaplains in the military service. This was in conflict with my belief - confirmed in the holy scriptures - that we are all equal in the eyes of God.

This view that women are somehow inferior to men is not restricted to one religion or belief. It is widespread. Women are prevented from playing a full and equal role in many faiths.

Nor, tragically, does its influence stop at the walls of the church, mosque, synagogue or temple. This discrimination, unjustifiably attributed to a Higher Authority, has provided a reason or excuse for the deprivation of women's equal rights across the world for centuries. The male interpretations of religious texts and the way they interact with, and reinforce, traditional practices justify some of the most pervasive, persistent, flagrant and damaging examples of human rights abuses.

At their most repugnant, the belief that women must be subjugated to the wishes of men excuses slavery, violence, forced prostitution, genital mutilation and national laws that omit rape as a crime. But it also costs many millions of girls and women control over their own bodies and lives, and continues to deny them fair access to education, health, employment and influence within their own communities.

The impact of these religious beliefs touches every aspect of our lives. They help explain why in many countries boys are educated before girls; why girls are told when and whom they must marry; and why many face enormous and unacceptable risks in pregnancy and childbirth because their basic health needs are not met.

In some Islamic nations, women are restricted in their movements, punished for permitting the exposure of an arm or ankle, deprived of education, prohibited from driving a car or competing with men for a job. If a woman is raped, she is often most severely punished as the guilty party in the crime.

The same discriminatory thinking lies behind the continuing gender gap in pay and why there are still so few women in office in Britain and the United States. The root of this prejudice lies deep in our histories, but its impact is felt every day. It is not women and girls alone who suffer. It damages all of us. The evidence shows that investing in women and girls delivers major benefits for everyone in society. An educated woman has healthier children. She is more likely to send them to school. She earns more and invests what she earns in her family.

It is simply self-defeating for any community to discriminate against half its population. We need to challenge these self-serving and out-dated attitudes and practices - as we are seeing in Iran where women are at the forefront of the battle for democracy and freedom.

I understand, however, why many political leaders can be reluctant about stepping into this minefield. Religion, and tradition, are powerful and sensitive area to challenge.

But my fellow Elders and I, who come from many faiths and backgrounds, no longer need to worry about winning votes or avoiding controversy - and we are deeply committed to challenging injustice wherever we see it.

The Elders have decided to draw particular attention to the responsibility of religious and traditional leaders in ensuring equality and human rights. We have recently published a statement that declares: "The justification of discrimination against women and girls on grounds of religion or tradition, as if it were prescribed by a Higher Authority, is unacceptable."

We are calling on all leaders to challenge and change the harmful teachings and practices, no matter how ingrained, which justify discrimination against women. We ask, in particular, that leaders of all religions have the courage to acknowledge and emphasise the positive messages of dignity and equality that all the world's major faiths share.

Although not having training in religion or theology, I understand that the carefully selected verses found in the holy scriptures to justify the superiority of men owe more to time and place - and the determination of male leaders to hold onto their influence - than eternal truths. Similar Biblical excerpts could be found to support the approval of slavery and the timid acquiescence to oppressive rulers.

At the same time, I am also familiar with vivid descriptions in the same scriptures in which women are revered as pre-eminent leaders. During the years of the early Christian church women served as deacons, priests, bishops, apostles, teachers and prophets. It wasn't until the fourth century that dominant Christian leaders, all men, twisted and distorted holy scriptures to perpetuate their ascendant positions within the religious hierarchy.

I know, too, that Billy Graham, one of the most widely respected and revered Christians during my lifetime, did not understand why women were prevented from being priests and preachers. He said: "Women preach all over the world. It doesn't bother me from my study of the scriptures."

The truth is that male religious leaders have had - and still have - an option to interpret holy teachings either to exalt or subjugate women. They have, for their own selfish ends, overwhelmingly chosen the latter.

Their continuing choice provides the foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world. This is in clear violation not just of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Moses and the prophets, Muhammad, and founders of other great religions - all of whom have called for proper and equitable treatment of all the children of God. It is time we had the courage to challenge these views.

• Jimmy Carter was US president from 1977-81. The Elders are an independent group of eminent global leaders, brought together by Nelson Mandela, who offer their influence and experience to support peace building, help address major causes of human suffering and promote the shared interests of humanity.

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Antipodes Map - Antipodal location for any map point

Antipodes Map

In geography, the antipodes of any place on Earth is its antipodal point; that is, the region on the Earth's surface which is diametrically opposite to it. Two points which are antipodal to one another are connected by a straight line through the centre of the Earth. Full article at Wikipedia.

Double-click on or move the original map to set a marker on a desired location. The antipode map will automatically show it's antipodal location.

Fw: GCI Commentaries - Influence of Geomagnetism

In this commentary I would like to focus on this question: Is there a connection between solar activity, geomagnetic storms and the Schumann resonances and human health and behavior?

In the last commentary, I discussed the Schumann resonances. Like a tuning fork, the earth has natural sound frequencies and these are called Schumann resonances. There are about 1000 lightning storms at any given moment worldwide, which excite the cavity. These resonances form in the conductive ionosphere which acts as a wave-guide. The limited dimensions of the earth cause this wave-guide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic (EM) waves in what are extremely low frequencies bands (see figure below).

Ionospheric EM Wave Propagation
The lowest-frequency mode of the Schumann resonances is approximately 7.83 hertz (Hz), with a daily variation of about ± 0.5 Hz. The other frequencies are 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hz.

At the time physicist W.O. Schumann published the results of his research about these resonances in the journal Technische Physik, a Dr. Ankermüller, a physician, immediately made the connection between the Schumann resonances and the alpha rhythm of brain waves. He found the thought of the earth having the same natural resonance as the brain very exciting and contacted Professor Schumann, who in turn asked a doctoral candidate to look into this phenomenon. This doctoral candidate was Herbert König, who became Schumann’s successor at Munich University. König demonstrated a correlation between Schumann resonances and brain rhythms. He compared human EEG recordings with the natural electromagnetic fields of the environment (1979) and found that the first five Schumann resonances, 0-35 Hz, to be within the same frequency range as the brain waves in a human EEG and the 7.8 Hz signal to be very close to the brain’s alpha rhythm frequency.

The first five Schumann resonances overlap with the brain frequency bands. Note: Brain waves are grouped according to their frequencies and are labeled with Greek letters. Their most common frequencies include alpha, beta, delta and theta.
State Frequency Range State of Mind
Delta 0.5Hz - 4Hz This occurs in a deep dreamless sleep or unconsciousness.
Theta 4Hz - 7Hz This is associated with drowsiness. It also occurs at first stage of sleep and during deep meditation, when we are awake but open to mental imagery. It has been associated with creativity, intuition daydreaming and fantasizing. Believed to reflect activity from the limbic system and increased activity is observed in anxiety, behavioral activation and inhibition.
Alpha 8Hz - 12Hz This is the major rhythm seen in a normal, relaxed adult. It is present during most of life. It is considered a common state during alertness but not actively processing information. Alpha has been linked to creativity (creative people show alpha when listening and coming to a solution) and mental work. Alpha activity is also associated with overall mental and body/mind coordination, calmness, alertness and learning.
Beta 12Hz - 30Hz Beta reflects highly active processing. Occurs during normal waking consciousness and outward attention. Slow beta: 12-17 is normal information processing and mental activity; Fast beta: 17-30 is heightened alertness and fight or flight, or anxiety.
Gamma 30Hz - 100Hz This is associated with waking states and can occur when we are simultaneously processing information in both brain hemispheres. Whales and dolphins also operate in these frequencies.
Since this first discovery, more scientific research has posited that Schumann resonances are very important electromagnetic standing waves, acting as background frequencies and influencing biological oscillators within the mammalian brain.

As long as the properties of Earth’s electromagnetic cavity remain about the same, these frequencies remain the same. Some of the changes that occur in the Schumann resonances are caused by the solar sunspot cycle as Earth’s ionosphere changes in response to changing solar wind associated with the 11-year cycle of solar activity. As the mean intensity of the Schumann resonances increases or decreases because of day/night differences, changes in solar activity, global weather, etc., our brains and nervous systems respond to the changes.

Resonance may be defined as the frequency at which an object most naturally wants to vibrate. For example: In coherent systems, one object may set another object into motion if it shares the same resonant frequency. If, for example, you strike a tuning fork of 100 cycles per second and bring it near another tuning fork of that same frequency, the second tuning fork will be set in motion. Even though it has not been struck, the second fork will begin to vibrate and radiate a sound merely by being in the same field as the vibrating tuning fork.

Influence of Geomagnetism and Schumann Resonances on Human Health and Behavior
Similar to the tuning-fork example, evidence shows it is possible for the brain to detect, tune into and respond to a Schumann resonance signal.

The question arises: How are we able to tune into the Schumann resonances?
The answer is that our brain possesses Zeitgeber, a German word that translates literally to time givers and refers to external agents or events that provide signals – in this case, the Schumann resonances. These external signals help the human biological system to become synchronized with the daily rhythmic cycles of the earth.

Research within the last decade shows that significant alteration in solar and geomagnetic activity caused by such things as geomagnetic storms can precipitate significant changes in the intensity and stability of a Schumann resonance signal. This can take a Schumann resonance signal outside of its normal range and induce alterations in brain and heart synchronization and changes in the brain’s melatonin level.

Some ill effects associated with changes in solar geomagnetic activity:
  • Altered blood pressure.
  • Reproductive, immune system, cardiac and neurological problems.
  • Mental disorders, depression and suicide.
  • Increased hospital admissions, accidents and sudden death, as well as countless other stress-related conditions.
Influence of Geomagnetism and Schumann Resonances on Human Health and Behavior
A number of human reaction-time experiments have been conducted relative to external events and Schumann resonances. In 1974, for example, König showed that human reaction times were significantly correlated with the intensity of the 8-10 Hz Schumann signal. Ten Hz have been shown to speed up reaction times, while 3-Hz signals from local thunderstorms have been shown to significantly lower reaction times. This phenomenon can be demonstrated by changes in EEG patterns and calcium ion uptake in the brain.

The effects of manmade electromagnetic fields on human health
The electromagnetic fields generated by power supply systems, telecommunications, appliances, computers and other technology produced by humans are extremely powerful and in some cases have been associated with increased incidence of cancer, heart disease, depression and other diseases. Exposure to strong electromagnetic fields in residential areas and in certain occupations has been documented as significantly increasing the incidence or risk of the listed diseases. Certain groups of people such as the elderly, children, women who are pregnant and the weak have been found to be more sensitive or susceptible to adverse effects from these fields than the rest of the population. (As is often the case with research, there are opposing opinions on the existence or extent of such adverse effects.)

Thus we see that the Schumann resonances, geomagnetic and solar activity influence human health and behavior. It is exciting to see that the study of Schumann resonances points towards the interconnectedness of all (us, our planet earth, the sun, and probably many other planetary factors we are not aware of yet).

Much more detailed research has been carried out, but it is beyond the scope of this commentary to go into it.

So, in summary, researchers have found evidence indicating that human health and behavior appear to be affected by changes in Schumann resonances. Also, many scientists believe these resonances may be important in human biological cycles.

Possible future considerations for scientists with respect to the Schumann resonances include learning why some people are adversely affected by changes in them, why most people are not and what can be done to help those who are.

In addition to exploring whether mood and health are affected by Schumann resonances, researchers also have studied whether there is a link between historical events such as wars and social unrest with the solar cycle and resulting changes in ionospheric activity. I will write more on this subject in an upcoming commentary.

Allow me to mention two items not directly related to today’s topic:
  • Because increased geomagnetic activity can cause an imbalance in heart-brain synchronization, we want to encourage you to practice coherence regularly to help you maintain that balance.
  • You probably have received e-mails about the GCI’s current Interconnectedness Study, which is aimed at helping us gain a more holistic picture of human health and behavior and how these are influenced by various planetary factors. We will keep you informed about the results. A likely second Interconnectedness Study, in case you missed out on this one, should take place in about six months.
Remember what Albert Einstein said: "Everything in life is vibration."

Until next time, best wishes for good vibrations in your life,

Annette Deyhle, Ph.D. and GCI Research Team