Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills

Big Brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills: "
(NaturalNews) Now that the U.S. government has achieved its monopoly over health care, new technologies are in the works that will allow the government to remotely monitor and track whether ordinary citizens are complying with taking medications prescribed by conventional doctors. One new technology described at the U.S. Senate Committee on Aging allows "pills to be electronically outfitted with transmitters" which would track the patient's compliance with medications and broadcast that information back to government health care enforcers who check for "compliance and efficacy."

"Emerging technologies allow pills to be electronically outfitted with transmitters to communicate with the user's wristwatch that shows that the pill has been consumed," said University of Virginia professor Robin Felder at the committee meeting. "Broadband connectivity of these devices would allow the electronic medical record to be updated with regard to medication compliance and efficacy."

This would allow government health operators, for example, to know whether you've taken all your prescribed psychiatric medications. If you veer from the course of pharmaceuticals prescribed by your doctor, health care enforcement agents could be dispatched to your door to make sure you start taking your pills.

Parents who currently attempt to protect their children from toxic medical therapies such as chemotherapy could be closely monitored by government medical enforcement agents. If you try to flush dangerous pharmaceuticals down the toilet instead of actually taking them, the lack of an electronic tracking signal will let your health care observers know you didn't really take the pills.

Get ready for E-Care

It's all part of a new push called E-Care which involves a number of medical devices that monitor you in your home and report back to government authorities. A blood pressure monitoring device, for example, could report your blood pressure to your government-approved doctor. A blood sugar monitoring device could determine if you've eaten too much sugar and order you to take more diabetes pills to try to compensate.

Big Government, you see, doesn't just want to monopolize health care; it wants to monitor your compliance with it. If you depart from their system of pharmaceuticals, you may be found unfit as a parent, for example. Or possibly just declared insane (which gets you drugged with psych meds).

Big Brother snooping in on your diet

One of the ultimate goals of this remote monitoring technology is to install a blood monitoring chip in your arm that would sample and run diagnostic tests on your blood every few minutes. While this could be used in a positive way to detect early signs of cancer or liver problems, for example, it could also be used to snoop on the dietary habits of everyday citizens.

If you take too much vitamin C, for example -- beyond what is allowed by CODEX -- it could trigger a monitored alert that causes government-run medical operatives to force their way into your home and confiscate your "non-compliant" vitamins.

If your vitamin D levels rise high enough to actually prevent cancer, they could have you arrested for "spending too much time in the sun" and thrown into a hospital with no windows to, as they claim, "Protect you from skin cancer."

These are some of the very practical realities that could theoretically emerge in the dystopian medicalized society that seems to be getting closer with each passing day.

We're monitoring you for your own good

This isn't science fiction: It's modern medical fact. As CNSNews reports, "...Areas of interest include medicines that can tell a doctor if they have been taken on time [and] wireless monitoring of nutritional information..."

Of course, as with all privacy-invading monitoring devices, government will argue that monitoring you is "for your own good." You can expect an RFID chip to be implanted in your arm, too, containing your entire medical history. So every time you pass near an RFID reader at a government-controlled facility (airports, schools, interstate toll booths, etc.), your entire medical history can be scanned and assessed for a variety of metrics.

Combined with the blood analysis chip implants, this would give health enforcement authorities a way to find and arrest "dangerous" people -- such as people who aren't taking enough antidepressants, for example. Or people who show signs of consuming herbal medicines. All these people could be tracked down, arrested and then forced to consume medications before they are released back into the public.

TIA for your body

The program is basically Total Information Awareness at the personal biology level. Big Brother wants to monitor your biochemistry, you see, to make sure you remain compliant with its pharmaceutical and junk foods agenda.

It's not enough for the government to monitor your phone calls, scan your emails and watch you sunbathing on your back porch with spy satellites; now they want to snoop into your bloodstream and monitor what you've been eating, drinking or swallowing.

"This device here connects to other devices that measure a patient's blood pressure and glucose [sugar] levels." said U.S. Senator Ron Wyden. "It wirelessly uploads this data to an electronic medical health record that is monitored by a health care professional." (A government-mandated health care enforcer, in other words.)

With this technology, they could even monitor your moods by tracking fluctuations of hormone levels. They will know when you're happy, when you're angry, when you're having sex, when you're sleeping. All this information will be at the fingertips of government health care enforcers who are, of course, working to further the Big Pharma agenda of medicating everyone from cradle to grave.

Remote administration of medications

But it gets even worse. Part of this E-Care technology involves the remote administration of medications directly into your bloodstream. A supply of medication chemicals can be worn on your body (like a wristband, for example), and when it receives a remote command from your health care enforcers, it can inject another dose of some chemical into your bloodstream.

These chemicals could be anything -- antidepressants, tranquilizers, antipsychotics, statin drugs, chemotherapy drugs and so on. So now you've got remote government medical operatives who can essentially control your biochemistry as if you were a robot in a Big Government reality game.

If they are about to come to your house and take away your children because you refused to give them vaccines, for example, they could first remotely inject you with tranquilizers so that you will be "calm, docile and compliant" upon their arrival.

This now puts the government in control of your mind through the remote administration of mind-altering chemicals.

"What we're talking about, folks, is using a device like this one," said Senator Wyden during the committee meeting. "It attaches to the patient's skin and is loaded with drugs that are administered in the exact way that the doctor prescribes -- wirelessly."

Except it's not really the way the doctor prescribes; it's the way the government prescribes. Because now Big Government is running health care and telling doctors exactly what to do. So government is determining what chemicals get administered to you, and before long they'll be able to administer those chemicals wirelessly.

Did you get your happy chemicals today?

At the click of a mouse, in other words, Big Government could mass medicate the entire nation. Imagine the entire population being dosed with "happy chemicals" in the days before an important vote. Or imagine the population being medicated with "anger hormones" following some staged false-flag attack, all designed to create outrage so that the politicians can sweep in with yet more "solutions" that destroy civil liberties.

This may be what's coming, which is why establishing a government health care monopoly was so important in the first place. Without the government monopoly and the IRS penalties for non-compliance, there would be no way to force everybody into participating in such a system. But now, health care run by Big Government has opened the door for us all to be chipped, monitored and medicated without our knowledge and against our will.

It's a brave new world after all, it seems. Maybe the drug-dispensing implants will start administering soma to us all. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brave_...)

Sources for this story include:
US Senate Special Committee on Aging

CNS News

The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth page 0

The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth page:
A girl half my age selling organic soap hit me with a sobering truth so insightful, it made me abandon five years of false beliefs and unlock a powerful new philosophy of financial abundance. I'm sharing that breakthrough financial philosophy with you here, but it's only something you'll find valuable if you're ready to let go of false limitations about money and welcome real, lasting change in attracting the money you deserve into your life.

The girl sells soap. Natural soap. It's the best soap I've ever found, and she was selling it at prices so cheap, it might have well been the brand-name chemical soap you buy at the grocery store.

I asked her, "Why are you selling this soap so cheaply? It's worth three times the price..." And in her response, I learned that she didn't really value her soap... or herself. She was selling her soap too cheaply because she didn't feel like she deserved to charge the prices her soap was really worth!

She was limiting her financial abundance by choice. Like many of us, she had unconsciously decided that her contribution to the world (her soap) wasn't worth much, and she had resigned to a life of financial challenges, living from one paycheck to the next, never achieving the real financial independence or wealth she truly deserved.

And yet her soap was among the best natural soaps in the world. Why shouldn't she be at least as wealthy as the executives at Proctor & Gamble who sell junk soap? (This is a good question to ask yourself, too: Don't you deserve more wealth than the corrupt Big Pharma executives who sell drugs that harm children? Of course you do!)

Imagine my shock when she turned the tables on me and asked, "So what about YOU, Health Ranger? I read your website. You've helped a hundreds of companies and millions of readers, but you don't allow yourself to make a dime, either. Why's that?"

Next: Getting past self-imposed limits on wealth...

The Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS page 0

The Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS page 0: "
(NaturalNews) This is a special report the FDA doesn't want you to read. In fact, this is the story that the corporate "leaders" of the natural health products industry don't want you to read, either. Why? Because they've all been hijacked by Big Pharma interests, and they no longer represent real natural medicine like the kind revealed in this story. Read more about this consumer betrayal by the natural products industry leaders here: http://www.naturalnews.com/026215.html

When it comes to H1N1 influenza (Swine Flu), all the "authority" institutions in America agree on one thing: Keep the American people ignorant! Don't allow people to learn the truth about the anti-viral properties of herbs, superfoods and dietary supplements.

Knowledge is a dangerous thing. It gives people options. It allows people to be independent from the government and independent from the medical system. It gives people control over their own lives, and in a police state society that seeks to dominate the health decisions of every citizen (http://www.naturalnews.com/026305.html), giving people control over their own lives simply cannot be tolerated.

That's why this article will be blasted as "irresponsible" by health authorities. It will be portrayed as "dangerous" by pharmaceutical pushers. If the FDA could ban this website, this article would be precisely the kind of content they would target for censorship.

And what's so dangerous about this article? It dares to advocate specific anti-viral products as protection against the H1N1 swine flu.

NEXT PAGE: Why modern medicine will fail us in the next great pandemic...

Two Ways to Get Prepared Now for the Next Pandemic:

• Audio program: How to Prepare For and Survive Any Pandemic featuring Dr. Sheldon Marks and the Health Ranger. Covers emergency medical preparedness and more.

• The Swine Flu Advanced Preparedness Course with the Health Ranger, including Q&A from readers. Includes powerful strategies for protecting you and your family from any pandemic.

The Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj page 0

The Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj page 0: "Physicians rarely promote the curative properties of H2O, but Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. has studied water's effect on the human body and has found it to be one of the best pain relievers and preventative therapies in existence. I was one of the last people to interview the late Dr. Batmanghelidj, and I listened in awe as he shared his research and stories about 'The Healing Power of Water.'

In a fascinating one-hour phone conversation, Dr. B. shares:

• Which common ailments and 'diseases' are actually caused by dehydration

• Why many doctors use water-regulating antihistamines to alleviate pain

• How Dr. Batmanghelidj unintentionally discovered water's healing properties

• Why most people are chronically dehydrated and suffer from symptoms of dehydration that are labeled 'diseases'

• Which ingredients in soft drinks deplete the body's water reserves

• Why thirst is not a reliable indicator of dehydration

• Why the body produces cholesterol and how water keeps it in balance

• Why Dr. Batmanghelidj believes the public is being mislead about AIDS

• How dehydration impairs mental functioning

• Why some organizations want to withhold alternative health information from the public

• How lack of water causes depression

• Why popular beverages are no substitute for water

• How dehydration causes the vascular system to constrict, leading to hypertension

• How to recognize signs that your body is starting to dehydrate

• Why restaurants push you to drink disease-promoting soft drinks

• Why and how water effectively treats pain and inflammation"

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Monsanto Under Investigation

Monsanto Under Investigation by Seven U.S. States

Posted by Dr. Mercola | April 22 2010 | 5,494 views

monsanto, gmo"At least seven U.S. state attorney generals are investigating whether Monsanto Company has abused its market power to lock out competitors and raise prices on seed," the Organic Consumers Association reports.

This adds to the increasing pressures on the agricultural biotech giant.

The seven states are "probing whether Monsanto violated laws by offering rebates to seed distributors for excluding rival seeds, imposing limits on combining the product with other genetic modifications, or offering cash incentives to switch farmers to more expensive generation of seed varieties."

In addition to that, Monsanto's marketing practices are being reviewed by the US Justice Department, and DuPont Company has accused Monsanto of anti-competitive practices in licensing litigation.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

According to Bloomberg, the seven-state antitrust probe adds to previous allegations of abusive competitive tactics and is a serious threat to Monsanto's soybean market share.

It would almost seem like an open-and-shut case when you consider Monsanto's history of quenching the competition at nearly any cost, and being found guilty of falsely marketing dangerous herbicide as biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

But I guess that still remains to be seen. Let's just hope they don't deem Monsanto too big to nail, or fail, like the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and any number of banks…

One problem I foresee though, is that not only has Monsanto become the dominat force in the seed market by buying up seed companies, they've become the Goliath that they are by influencing politics from the ground-floor and up.

For example, they've helped write state laws that make cleaning, collecting and storing seeds so cumbersome and costly that having normal, non-GM seeds is nearly impossible in some states. They're also lobbying for laws that ensure farmers and citizens can't prevent the planting of GMO crops, even if they can contaminate other conventional crops nearby.

They've successfully manipulated US legislators to put those self-serving laws in place, so the question is whether or not this antitrust probe can accomplish what the rest of our government has failed to do, which is to rein in an out-of-control company that has its mind set on "advancing" agriculture into oblivion and "saving the world" by eventually starving it to death.

Big Bucks at Stake

Bloomberg reports:

"At stake are the costs to farmers who produce $80.3 billion a year in corn and soybeans, used in products ranging from Coca-Cola to cattle feed to ethanol.

"Monsanto has become such a dominant player in the seed business that producers have real concerns that the price they pay for seed is going to be anywhere near reasonable," said John Crabtree, a spokesman for the Center for Rural Affairs in Lyons, Nebraska, a nonprofit group that provides services to farm communities. "The fear is that the sky's the limit."

These fears are not unfounded when you consider that prices on everything from the seed to the obligatory fertilizers and pesticides that are required to make the GM seeds "grow properly" have skyrocketed.

According to a report by Charles Benbrook, chief scientist at the Organic Center in Boulder, Colorado, the influx of genetically modified seed has steadily ratchet prices upward.

Seed used to be fairly inexpensive, in large part due to the practice of planting seed collected and saved from the previous year. With GE seeds, this ancient farming practice is no longer employed and farmers must buy new seed each year.

The 2009 Organic Center report, titled The Magnitude and Impacts of the Biotech and Organic Seed Price Premium, states that farmers who purchase Monsanto's Roundup Ready 2 soybeans in 2010 will pay 42 percent more per bag than they paid just last year.

This is in stark contrast to the overall rise in soybean seed prices over the last 25 years, which was 63 percent.

Between the years of 1975 and 1997, soybean farmers spent four to eight percent of their farm income on seeds. Last year, those who planted GE soybeans spent 16.4 percent of their income on seeds.

The story is the same for GM corn growers, who will pay just over twice the amount for the latest eight-trait "SmartStax" corn seed, compared to those planting conventional seeds. And GE cotton seed now cost nearly 6 times more than conventional.

The report shows that the GE seed price premiums FAR exceed the organic seed price premium, across the board, for various crops.

This should be an eye opener for anyone who still believes genetically engineered crops are the way to inexpensively feed the world…

The only one who is truly benefitting, it seems, is Monsanto, who ended their fiscal year in 2009 with revenue of $11.7 billion. Over $7 billion of that came from sales and licensing of seeds and seed genes.

So, is growing GM crops REALLY in the best financial interest of most farmers? Or are they simply being hoodwinked by fancy marketing that promises increased yield and reduced pestilence?

Benbrook asks the same question, and has called for further studies to evaluate whether or not GM crop yields warrant the disproportionate difference in price. If previous studies are any indication, I believe the answer is no.

GM Crops Yield Unimpressive Results

In reality, GM crops create previously unimaginable profits for sub-par performance when compared to conventional or organic crops.

And when you review the potential danger these crops pose to human and environmental health, the list is so disturbing you could easily say we're all paying for poison when we buy GM food products.

After 30 years of GMO experimentation, the data to shows:

  • No increase in yields; on the contrary GM soya has decreased yields by up to 20 percent compared with non-GM soya. Up to 100 percent failures of Bt cotton have been recorded in India. And studies by scientists from the USDA and the University of Georgia in 2008 found that growing GM cotton in the U.S. can result in a drop in income by up to 40 percent.
  • No reduction in pesticides use; on the contrary, USDA data shows that GM crops have increased pesticide use by 50 million pounds from 1996 to 2003 in the U.S., and the use of glyphosate went up more than 15-fold between 1994 and 2005, along with increases in other herbicides to cope with rising glyphosate resistant superweeds.
  • Roundup herbicide is lethal to frogs and toxic to human placental and embryonic cells. Roundup is used in more than 80 percent of all GM crops planted in the world.
  • GM crops harm wildlife, as revealed by UK and U.S. studies
  • Bt resistant pests and Roundup tolerant superweeds render the two major GM crop traits useless. The evolution of Bt resistant bollworms worldwide have been confirmed and documented.
  • Vast areas of forests, pampas and cerrados have been lost to GM soya in Latin America.
  • Epidemic of suicides in the cotton belt of India. According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, more than 182,900 Indian farmers took their own lives between 1997 and 2007 as a result of failed GM crops. It estimates 46 Indian farmers commit suicide every day.
  • Transgene contamination is completely unavoidable, as science has recently revealed that the genome (whether plant, animal or human) is NOT constant and static, which is the scientific base for genetic engineering of plants and animals. Instead, geneticists have discovered that the genome is remarkably dynamic and changeable, and constantly 'conversing' and adapting to the environment. This interaction determines which genes are turned on, when, where, by what and how much, and for how long. They've also found that the genetic material itself has the ability to be changed according to experience, passing it on to subsequent generations.
  • GM food and feed linked to deaths and sicknesses both in the fields in India and in lab tests around the world.

How Can YOU Stop Monsanto from Ruling, and Ruining, the Food Supply?

Allowing Monsanto to monopolize the market could have lethal consequences for all of us. Because not only is Monsanto doing what it can to eliminate competition from other agricultural biotech products, their end game is to do away with conventional seeds, period.

As I've discussed in many previous articles, this is a threat to human civilization and would spell disaster for the entire planet.

Fortunately, you don't have to be directly involved in the legal or political end of the battle.

You, as an ordinary citizen, still have the power to make perhaps an even GREATER difference in how business will pan out for Monsanto – by steering the market demand toward non-GMO crops and foods.

Every time you choose to buy a non-GMO product over a product that contains GM ingredients, you are making a dent in the empire that is Monsanto.

While you're waiting for the leaders of the world to catch up, take advantage of local sources of organic foods as often as you can. You can also avoid GM foods by:

  • Reducing or Eliminating Processed Foods. Some 75 percent of processed foods contain GM ingredients. Use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, available for free at www.NonGMOShoppingGuide.com.
  • Read produce and food labels. When looking at a product label, if any ingredients such as corn flour and meal, dextrin, starch, soy sauce, margarine, and tofu (to name a few) are listed, there's a good chance it has come from GM corn or soy, unless it bears the USDA organic seal.
  • Buy organic produce. Buying organic is currently the best way to ensure that your food has not been genetically modified.

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Pfizer Charged with a Crime, Their Subsidiary Took the Blame

Pfizer Charged with a Crime, Their Subsidiary Took the Blame:

The Feds Cut a Deal with Pfizer

Pfizer did end up getting prosecuted for its fraudulent marketing spree … but their sentence was a mere slap on the wrist. And you won’t hear Pfizer being charged with any crime, because it was actually Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Inc, a Pfizer subsidiary, that took the rap.

This was not due to an oversight or a smooth move on Pfizer’s part … it was the result of a deal made between Pfizer and federal prosecutors. The feds essentially let Pfizer off the hook so their products could continue to flow through Medicare and Medicaid.

As CNN wrote:

“ … Any company convicted of a major health care fraud is automatically excluded from Medicare and Medicaid. Convicting Pfizer on Bextra would prevent the company from billing federal health programs for any of its products. It would be a corporate death sentence.

Prosecutors said that excluding Pfizer would most likely lead to Pfizer's collapse, with collateral consequences: disrupting the flow of Pfizer products to Medicare and Medicaid recipients, causing the loss of jobs including those of Pfizer employees who were not involved in the fraud, and causing significant losses for Pfizer shareholders.”

So rather than sentencing Pfizer for the massive fraud and deception they carried out with no regard for patients’ health, and letting the company crumble as it should have, the feds decided to protect them.

They allowed Pfizer’s “imaginary friend” Pharmacia & Upjohn to take the conviction, even though the latter company had never sold any drugs. As CNN found, “the subsidiary is nothing more than a shell company whose only function is to plead guilty.”

So Pfizer got off scot-free -- other than a fine that amounted to three months of profits -- had little damage to their reputation and still sells their drugs through federally funded programs.

You Simply Can’t Trust the Government to Keep You Safe

If you are still under the impression that agencies like the FDA are looking out for your safety, it’s time to open your eyes. As in this latest case with Pfizer and Bextra, the federal government has a long history of siding with, and protecting, the drug companies.

It is no surprise when you consider that the drug companies have the largest political lobby and that a job with the FDA is frequently a revolving door with the drug companies. It is very common for many high ranking FDA officials to get lucrative consulting positions with the drug companies after they quit.

The converse is also very common. They can get paid millions before the go to the FDA, like the current commissioner of the FDA Margaret Hamburg did with Henry Schein.

Another case in point, occurred last year when President Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency, and federal health agencies urged Americans to run out and get vaccinated, or else? The swine flu pandemic is now being called one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century … and it’s another prime example of the partnership between the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

Fortunately, more people are waking up to the illusion and deception of the drug industry as a whole, and starting to clearly see the truth.

The public is correct in their conclusion that drug companies manipulate or suppress negative clinical trials, promote their toxic products for unapproved uses, and focus on developing drugs that are no better than older ones.

Physicians must also, en masse, come to the realization that drug reps cannot be trusted. This may be one of the most difficult areas to change, as the pharmaceutical industry has devised a highly effective system of indoctrination and very specific psychological techniques to manipulate physicians.

Doctors usually believe they are immune to persuasion tactics, and drug reps know just how important it is to maintain that illusion -- which is why it works so well.

Consider for a moment the in-depth report published in both The New England Journal of Medicine and PLoS Medicine, which admitted that pharmaceutical sales reps are trained in tactics that are on par with some of the most potent brainwashing techniques used throughout the world!

The idea that reps provide some kind of valuable, informative service to physicians is total fiction, created and perpetuated by the drug industry, to keep this deadly, but profitable, scheme going.

So until real change takes place, please don't risk your money or your life on a paradigm designed to profit from your ill health. Take control of your health by adopting natural lifestyle strategies that will promote your body’s natural healing abilities without the need for the drug companies’ latest creations.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Life-Cycle Studies: High-Fructose Corn Syrup | Worldwatch Institute

Life-Cycle Studies: High-Fructose Corn Syrup | Worldwatch Institute:

Life-Cycle Studies: High-Fructose Corn Syrup

by Ben Block on April 9, 2010

Corn syrup labelPhoto courtesy Archives of Ontario

Early 20th-century label." class="caption" align="" height="207" width="250">

Photo courtesy Archives of Ontario

Early 20th-century label.
For the past five years, Worldwatch has explored the history, production method, and environmental and social impacts of everyday products - from chopsticks to pencils - in the Life-Cycle Studies section of its bi-monthly magazine, World Watch. This print-exclusive content is now available for free to Eye on Earth readers. Look for a new study every Friday!


Corn was once a simple food, chewed off the cob. Now, with corn reinvented and transformed, it takes a chemist to recognize all its offspring. Among these is high-fructose corn syrup (a gooey sweetener used in soft drinks, meats, cheeses, and dozens more foods) that appeases confectionary cravings. But recent studies have raised concerns about the syrup by drawing links to obesity and other health effects.

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), also called isoglucose, is mainly a blend of two sugars, fructose and glucose. Soda and ice cream often blend 55 percent fructose and 45 percent glucose, while the HFCS used in canned fruits and condiments is generally a 42/48 percent mix (with other ingredients). White sugar is a 50/50 split.

In the United States, heavy corn subsidies and sugar-import barriers have made HFCS some 20 percent cheaper than sugar. The United States accounted for nearly 80 percent of global production in 2004 and U.S. consumers swallowed 58 pounds of the syrup per person last year in various products, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Other producers include Japan, Argentina, the European Union, and China.


U.S. refineries discovered in the 1860s that mixing liquefied cornstarch with either acids or enzymes rearranges sugar molecules into a dextrose solution (a form of glucose). Chemists mixed dextrose with additional enzymes in the 1940s for the first batches of HFCS. The syrup was not quite as sweet as sugar itself until 1971, when a Japanese chemist's further tweaking perfected HFCS, according to the Corn Refiners Association.

The food industry began to replace cane and beet sugar with HFCS after sugar prices quadrupled in the 1970s, and a few years later soft-drink companies followed suit. The syrup's affordability in the United States has helped soda companies sell larger bottles and greatly expand consumption of the calorie-rich drinks.

As HFCS spreads to parts of the developing world, dietary concerns are convincing many U.S. consumers to avoid it. In response, a growing number of sweetened products are being reformulated with cane sugar.

Corn farmPhoto courtesy USDA

The environmental impact of high-fructose corn syrup depends on how the corn is grown. " class="caption" align="" height="170" width="250">

Photo courtesy USDA

The environmental impact of high-fructose corn syrup depends on how the corn is grown.

Some claim that HFCS's global expansion and the parallel increase in obesity are linked. The concerned dietitians argue that, unlike glucose, which triggers appetite-suppressing signals in the body, fructose does not tell its eaters to stop. The theory remains unproven, but a growing body of literature has suggested the syrup may indeed counteract the satiation-hormone leptin. Conflicting research, supported by the American Beverage Institute, insists HFCS is no different than other sweeteners and is "safe in moderation."

The latest health concern stems from a recent Environmental Health study that found mercury in samples from two HFCS manufacturers. Chemicals mixed during production to stabilize pH may have contributed the toxic metal, the study said. The industry accuses the research of using "scant data of questionable quality."

The environmental impact of HFCS depends on how the corn is grown. Conventional farming practices use significant water resources, pesticides, and fertilizers, leading to widespread water pollution and nutrient-depleted soil. Corn production has also become a major contributor to climate change. In The Omnivore's Dilemma, author Michael Pollan estimates that between one-quarter and one-third gallons (about 1.0 to 1.25 liters) of oil are needed per bushel of corn to create the pesticides, fertilizers, and tractor gasoline, and to harvest, dry, and transport the corn. The U.S. high-fructose corn syrup industry used about 490 million bushels of corn last year, according to USDA.

Ben Block is the staff writer for World Watch. He can be reached at bblock@worldwatch.org.

For permission to republish this article, please contact Juli Diamond at jdiamond@worldwatch.org.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fw: FDA Food Tyranny: The Empire Strikes Back!

Fake "Food Safety" Bill S.510 Amended: Can we Trust the FDA? NOT!


Regulation Courtesy of Kafka

Harkin's S. 510 claims to protect supplements while FDA Creates a Wide-Open Back Door to Destroy Them While We Are Still Celebrating

Not long ago, a form of Vitamin B6 (pryadoxamine) was forbidden by the FDA because a drug company had studied it and wanted to make it into a drug.  Never mind that it was protected by the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) as a grandfathered item on the "Old Ingredients List".  Recently the Fraud and Death Administration said that although we know that it had been in use before DSHEA and WAS on the list found on the FDA website, being on the list was not (hold on to your hats here) proof of being on the list and thus not proof of being grandfathered. 

Now, because another drug company wants to make another form of Vitamin B6 into a drug, and it fears, in writing, that people would take the supplement rather than the drug if it were not banned as a supplement, The FDA is considering granting its Citizens Petition to do just that.

Next, walnuts.  Because Blue Diamond refers to studies showing that walnuts can be good for you, they have received a letter from the brutal and deeply corrupt FDA stating that giving out that informaton has turned their product, walnuts, into a drug and, as such, it can no longer be sold in the US.

Absurd?  Yes.  Unexpected? No.  This is precisely what we told you the FDA was up to with their insane and wildly dangerous Draft CAM Guidance of just over two years ago.  So here is the FDA, not able to promulgate this regulation because 688,000 of you wrote to the FDA saying that this criminalization of knowledge and natural health options was not acceptable to you. 

We told you that our victory was significant when they abandoned this guidance, but that they would be back to accomplish the same thing at a later date. 

Well, it's later now.

And your food AND your supplements are at tremendous risk. The Food and Death Administration is working hand in glove with Big Agribiz, which is really Big Pharma and Big Chema and Big Biotech all rolled into one, to degrade your food to those ghastly international standards known as Codex Alimentarius. 

As always, the Natural Solutions Foundation led the health freedom community in sounding the warning about the fake food and supplement "safety" bills pending before the Senate of the United States. Our supporters have heeded that warning and delivered well over one million messages to Congress demanding NO fake safety bills, while insisting that Congress provide protection for our supplements and natural remedies, not Codex HARMonization to destroy them, as has already happened in Canada and the EU.

Exactly as we predicted and feared, attempts were made to include the worst parts of Senator McCain's dreadful anti supplement S.3002 in a revised effort to get S.510 passed. We saw that one coming, although, once again, others who should have known better, told us we were crazy. Once again, we asked you to message Congress through the Natural Solutions Foundation Action Item. Many hundreds of thousands of emails later, language was inserted into Senator Harkin's gift to Big Agribiz (and, because of the disease this contaminated food will engender, Big Pharma as well) which amended S. 510 to "protect" DSHEA products (that is, to protect dietary supplements). That sounds good ….but it is the same hollow victory that the other health freedom folks trumpeted when S. 3002 was killed - they celebrated and tooted their own horns, but we told you that something was defintitely rotten with this deal. So it was.

Something is rotten with this deal, too. What's rotten is the FDA, which regularly chooses to act outside of, or even in direct opposition to, the law of the land.  Why will S. 510 be any different?  Would you buy a used car from this agency? AND let's not forget that S. 510 gives Big Argribiz total control of your food suppy.

So While It Would Be Nice to Claim That We Won This Round, It Is Not Completely True - YET!

We Got a Very Partial Stay of Supplement Exterminatin......But That's Not Nearly Good Enough.

Here's what IS good enough: We want natural remedies and holistic techniques (like Holistic Ear Candling, for example) and all natural, local, community, family and farm food production fully protected too… better yet, DEFEAT S.510!

Read more here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=5144

And take the Action Item here:

Drug firm investigated FDA officials - Eamon Javers - POLITICO.com

Drug firm investigated FDA officials - Eamon Javers - POLITICO.com:

Drug firm investigated FDA officials
By: Eamon Javers
March 30, 2010 07:45 PM EDT

For more than two months in late 2008, private investigators working for a drug company gathered information on a high-ranking official at the Food and Drug Administration — unearthing details about her husband, two daughters and in-laws and retracing her steps on a business trip she took to Thailand.

The drug company, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc., paid more than $100,000 to Kroll, the New York-based private investigative firm, to uncover the information about Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, who oversees the agency’s new-drug approvals.

At stake for Amphastar, a generic drug maker, was whether the FDA would allow it to bring to market a version of a prescription drug for blood clots and gain access to a market worth more than $3 billion.

On behalf of the drug company, Kroll also investigated a second FDA official — Moheb Nasr, director of the FDA’s Office of New Drug Quality Assessment, creating a file on him that included his birth date, the price he paid for his home and details of his education and professional background.

Amphastar says the investigation was done in order to find out if Woodcock or Nasr was unfairly favoring a competitor in the drug approval process and that it did nothing wrong.

“I feel like, as a citizen, you have a right to question your government and a right to look at public information,” said Amphastar’s general counsel, Jason Shandell. “There was no impropriety here.”

Shandell said the investigation was limited to public records, database searches and other information available to the general public.

But the case has attracted the attention of investigators working for Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.), who said it was “an outrage” and has demanded that Kroll tell him how often private detectives target public officials. He also had harsh words for Amphastar.

“Pharmaceutical companies should be focusing on getting their drugs approved based on health research and science rather than wasting their resources hiring private investigators to snoop around the lives of FDA regulators and their families,” he said.

The details of the drug company investigation, which came to light after committee investigators requested documents from Amphastar last fall, offer a rare glimpse inside the world of high-stakes corporate detective work.

At one point, the investigators hired a freelance reporter to file Freedom of Information Act requests, using her status as a journalist to request Woodcock’s e-mails, phone records, voice mails, calendars and expense reports, among other documents — without mentioning that she was being paid for her efforts by a private investigative firm.

“I am making this request as a journalist and this information is of timely value,” Melanie Haiken, a San Francisco-based freelance reporter, wrote to the FDA. “As a journalist, I am primarily engaged in disseminating information.”
Haiken did not disclose that she was working for the private investigators at the time. In an e-mail explaining its fees, Kroll told Amphastar that the expenses related to the FOIA covered “the cost of the person we are using to make the requests untraceable to you, the client.”

“I am wondering if this is an isolated instance or if Kroll is using journalists, who purport to be working in the public interest, to file FOIA requests on behalf of clients in order to take advantage of reduced fees and expedited processing,” Baucus wrote in a letter to Kroll CEO Ben Allen.

Woodcock and Nasr did not respond to requests for comment. Neither did the FDA.

Amphastar turned to Kroll in late 2008, after becoming increasingly frustrated that the FDA was dragging its feet in approving the company’s generic-drug application for low-molecular-weight heparin. In addition, the company’s executives became worried that the FDA was favoring a competitor, Massachusetts-based drug manufacturer Momenta Pharmaceuticals, and suspected that Woodcock, the official they blamed for the delays, was somehow allied with Momenta.

As evidence, Amphastar pointed to a paper Woodcock had co-authored with Momenta co-founder Ram Sasisekharan. And, it noted, Woodcock had been a featured speaker along with him at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok in 2007.

Collusion between FDA officials and drug companies has happened before — a history Amphastar was well aware of when it launched its investigation.

In 1989, three FDA officials pleaded guilty to taking bribes and two companies said they had submitted false information to the government in a scandal that rocked the pharmaceutical world. And that scandal came to light only because an aggrieved drug company had hired private investigators to dig into suspicious relationships.

According to a document titled “Suggested Items for Investigation,” Kroll’s plan for investigating Amphastar included digging up information on “[Janet Woodcock] and her relatives and friends; J.W.’s financial status and lifestyle change since 2004; any entities ... that JW, her relatives or friends partially own or are affiliated with in the U.S.”

Other objectives included determining if Woodcock or any of her family members maintained any Swiss or Cayman Islands bank accounts or companies.

By the end of October 2008, Kroll had completed an “interim report” on Woodcock and Nasr. In it, Kroll detailed Woodcock’s birth date, the state in which her Social Security number had been issued, the identity of her husband, Roger Miller, their home address and the value of her Brookeville, Md., home. Kroll also uncovered similar details about Nasr.

But Kroll had come up empty — finding little evidence of an improper connection.

“To date, Kroll has identified no reports indicating that Woodcock’s relationships with Nasr [and another individual] are anything but of a professional nature,” Kroll concluded. “Kroll has identified no personal or business links with the Sasisekharan family other than Woodcock and Ram Sasisekharan’s well-publicized, jointly authored reports.”

But despite the report, Amphastar in April 2009 filed a complaint with the FDA, alleging that Woodcock and Momenta had an improper connection.

“Sure, we don’t have a smoking gun,” Shandell said, “but there appears to be some relationship between these two that goes beyond the typical FDA relationship.”

The FDA’s legal counsel, however, said in February that Woodcock’s interactions with Momenta did not constitute a conflict of interest.

Rick Shea, the chief financial officer for Momenta, also said his company acted properly in its interactions with the FDA. “There certainly was no inappropriate relationship between anybody at Momenta or anybody associated with Momenta and anybody at the FDA,” Shea said.

Haiken, the freelance journalist, confirms that she filed the FOIA on behalf of Kroll. But Haiken said her intent was journalistic and that she hoped the FOIAs would yield an interesting story. “I’m not really an investigator, I’m a health writer,” she said. “I have a right to get a story tip from somebody, even if it’s somebody at Kroll.”

Individual investigators inside Kroll billed for their time like lawyers, with rates ranging from $125 to $390 per hour. By the end of November, the company had charged Amphastar more than $100,000. Its invoice included $596.25 for “calls to Thailand regarding Woodcock’s hotel stay. Further research on … conference participants and board members. Further research on Woodcock schedule prior to and after the conference.”

Kroll also sent Amphastar a memo titled “Woodcock/Miller Family Members.” That document detailed the biography of Woodcock’s husband and information about the couple’s two daughters.

An outside public relations consultant for Kroll issued a statement in response to POLITICO’s questions about its investigation.

“We have received Senator Baucus’s letter and will review the request, bearing in mind our obligations to our client and client confidentiality,” Kroll said.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Geneva Conventions Redefined – Part 1: The New U.S Department of War

Geneva Conventions Redefined – Part 1: The New U.S Department of War


Most people are unaware of a larger picture developing over the course of the past seven or eight decades, or somehow they are willingly choosing to ignore it. This still-developing image portrays matters requiring a greater knowledge of world history, a higher degree of self-education and a more global perspective to recognize and decipher.

Probably the most remarkable change occurring and still underway is a complete militarization of everything in the United States, if not around the world. The most disturbing sign of this breach of civilian commons today by the military, comes in the form of or the creation, or should I say recreation, as it had once been known up and until 1946, of a new or at least reinvigorated Department of War, which is no longer a “Department of Defense,” to ward off foreign invasion.

The War Department existed from 1789 until September 18, 1947, when it was renamed initially as the Department of the Army, then became part of the new, joint National Military Establishment (NME). Shortly thereafter, in 1949, the NME was finally converted to the Department of Defense. The Department of War was organized for war (offense) and not for defense. The interrelated and end result of this today, is the creation of the newly founded Department of Homeland Security, which was to be originally dubbed the Department of Homeland Defense to allow the long-standing Department of Defense to once again go on the offensive.

One of the main reasons for this change was in response to the latest batch of International Geneva Conventions from the 1940s in the wake of World War II, that outlawed offensive wars, or wars of aggression.

Fast forward to today in 2010, and all of this is being reversed, intentionally. One thing that is clear is the Geneva Conventions that came about in aftermath of two horrendous World Wars are under attack here at home and have been since at least the late 1990s. The metamorphosis now of our Department of Defense back into a Department of War somehow is one of a number of intended and directed results. Former President George W. Bush accelerated these attacks from under his administration and to the point that our own soldiers were in jeopardy of no longer being protected by these conventions. This earth-shattering change of state is irreconcilable with our Constitution or foundational system of civilian self-governance and is largely unnoticed by 97 % of our citizenry.

Integral to this, is the creation of what was originally dubbed the Department of Homeland Defense as put in effect in 2003, which was done to allow the long-standing Department of Defense to expand exponentially and once again go on the offensive. Most know it now as the Department of Homeland Security [DHS]. This was the actual splitting in two of the Department of Defense and the movement of military law, or a form of martial law into the DHS. This is coupled with outsourcing and contracting of everyday duties to a private army of support personnel to cook, clean, move, transport and do all sorts of things our military personnel used to do for themselves without any associated profit margin attached to these efforts. This has been done to grow the army basically overnight without garnering much attention.

First, to look at all of this more critically, we must jump back in time to the Nuremburg Trials and subsequent International Conventions outlawing wars of aggression by one Nation-State upon another. These International Conventions incorporated by almost all Nations maintained a level of law, order and peace, albeit imperfect, by outlawing and hoping to forever prevent what Germany had done in provoking and attacking other European countries, as well as forever entrenching all existing National and International borders that were in place at the time as well.

Wars involving Germany, World War I and World War II were not defensive wars in order to protect a Nation-State from a foreign aggressor, or repel invasion from an aggressor, but were instead aggressive wars of conquest.

One must travel back further and revisit our own Constitution, and systems of self defense designed therein, then come forward observing changes in legal and political climates, both within the U.S. and the World over the past 200 years or so to understand just how troublesome this all is. In America – home of the Free and the Brave, we are now moving backward to a time much like medieval Europe where Privy Councils and Star Chambers were employed to terrorize people and maintain a darkness that had enveloped Europe. These councils or courts were run chiefly by military forces, and not for independent judiciary, or what most would equate to military tribunals.

Fast forward once again back to the lead up to the war in Iraq and into today. Whilst thinking along these lines one cannot forget that the Gulf War in the 1980s and into the 1990s was started by the Administration of the first President Bush, George H.W. Bush.

Closer to today, and just prior to the launch of the War in Iraq on March 18th, 2003, the newly formed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was consummated, but few to this day understand what it is or what it is intended to become or foster.

As stated, the Department of Homeland Security was originally to be called the Department of Homeland Defense. Everything lies in a name. As in much of this, the “Powers that Be” decided this might be too obvious in exposing what they were doing and someone might just ask; Do we really need two Departments of Defense? This rationale runs along the same vein of thought in naming the Iraq War’s operational name Operation Iraqi Liberation, or O.I.L. for short, doing this initially as a Freudian Slip of sorts, then naming it Operation Iraqi Freedom instead. The problem with this is that the O.I.L. acronym itself was simply a more sophisticated form of CO-INTEL PRO – a smokescreen so people would believe the wars were really only about oil. They are not.

They are about much more than just oil, but oil is a part of it. These wars are about changing the definition of politics, religion, history and yes of course, even business. This much bigger agenda has been in development for sometime now.

By creating a Department of Homeland Security in 2003, supposedly in response to 9-11, the global Military – Industrial – Banking – Religious – Congressional complex was unconstrained to finally change the Department of Defense back to a Department of War – a Department of Offense to carry out Wars of Aggression once again, as it then had a replacement for the Department of Defense in the newly founded Department of Homeland Security.

This conversion and splitting of the Department of Defense into two separate, distinct entities was to foster expansion and militarization of everything, and to seize upon all civilian jurisdictions and authorities, dong so under the Executive Branch’s Constitutional prerogative within Admiralty.

So clearly, since at least 2003 we have a Department of Defense that is actually now instead our Department of War by defect or default, seen clearly in its actions. It is now carrying on wars of aggression abroad. Plus, we have a Department of Homeland Security that is in effect and intended to become our new Department of [Homeland] Defense. The problem is that the new Department of War, although without a more official name change to date, is for carrying on wars of foreign aggression and subjugating peoples from other lands.

The new Department of Defense has been incorporated to work domestically alongside groups like Infragard, Blackwater; Triple Canopy; Integrated Coast Guard Systems; Lockheed – Martin; General Electric; Sea Launch; Fox and others – not to somehow defend us against the invading Al Queda, Arab, or Persian Navies hearkening back to Athens, but instead to carry on the same levels of oppression and even creation of civilian laws from underneath the military as imposed by a military dictatorship right here in the U.S.

President Obama is carrying on in the same vein that King George II had us on, even accelerating beyond what both Bushes carried out. Obama’s behavior and track record in the use of military tribunals is more perverse, less rational and in strong contrast to controlling Supreme Court case law on it. This has accelerated to where he is now pursing prosecution of “terrorists” down several divergent pathways.

What makes this total militarization of all that matters more obvious, is the movement of Military Law [as actually a form of martial law] out of the Department of Defense into the Department of Homeland Security. This of course, occurred under the cover of launching war in March 2003. This is much like, but much more subtle and thus more dangerous, as when Augustus under arms marched across the Rubicon in 49 B.C. and seized control of the Roman Republic with his Legionairres as military forces.

(C) 2010 Lt. Eric Shine USNR – USMMRR/ USMMA KP

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Fw: The amazing cucumber..

This information was in The New York Times several weeks ago as part of their "Spotlight on the Home" series that highlighted creative and fanciful ways to solve common problems.

1. Cucumbers contain most of the vitamins you need every day, just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc.

2. Feeling tired in the afternoon, put down the caffeinated soda and pick up a cucumber.  Cucumbers are a good source of B Vitamins and Carbohydrates that can provide that quick pick-me-up that can last for hours.

3. Tired of your bathroom mirror fogging up after a shower?  Try rubbing a cucumber slice along the mirror, it will eliminate the fog and provide a soothing, spa-like fragrance.

4. Are grubs and slugs ruining your planting beds?  Place a few slices in a small pie tin and your garden will be free of pests all season long.  The chemicals in the cucumber react with the aluminum to give off a scent undetectable to humans but drive garden pests crazy and make them flee the area.

5. Looking for a fast and easy way to remove cellulite before going out or to the pool?  Try rubbing a slice or two of cucumbers along your problem area for a few minutes, the phytochemicals in the cucumber cause the collagen in your skin to tighten, firming up the outer layer and reducing the visibility of cellulite.  Works great on wrinkles too!!!

6. Want to avoid a hangover or terrible headache?  Eat a few cucumber slices before going to bed and wake up refreshed and headache free. Cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to replenish essential nutrients the body lost, keeping everything in equilibrium, avoiding both a hangover and headache!!

7. Looking to fight off that afternoon or evening snacking binge? Cucumbers have been used for centuries and often used by European trappers, traders and explorers for quick meals to thwart off starvation.

8. Have an important meeting or job interview and you realize that you don't have enough time to polish your shoes?  Rub a freshly cut cucumber over the shoe, its chemicals will provide a quick and durable shine that not only looks great but also repels water.

9. Out of WD 40 and need to fix a squeaky hinge?  Take a cucumber slice and rub it along the problematic hinge, and voila, the squeak is gone!

10. Stressed out and don't have time for massage, facial or visit to the spa?  Cut up an entire cucumber and place it in a boiling pot of water, the chemicals and nutrients from the cucumber will react with the boiling water and be released in the steam, creating a soothing, relaxing aroma that has been shown to reduce stress in new mothers and college students during final exams.

11. Just finished a business lunch and realize you don't have gum or mints?  Take a slice of cucumber and press it to the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds to eliminate bad breath, the phytochemcials will kill the bacteria in your mouth responsible for causing bad breath.

12. Looking for a 'green' way to clean your faucets, sinks or stainless steel?  Take a slice of cucumber and rub it on the surface you want to clean, not only will it remove years of tarnish and bring back the shine, but it won't leave streaks and won't harm you fingers or fingernails while you clean.

13. Using a pen and made a mistake?  Take the outside of the cucumber and slowly use it to erase the pen writing, also works great on crayons and markers that the kids have used to decorate the walls!!