Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where Can I Find Real (Raw) Milk?

  • Tampa: Raw cow milk, raw cream, raw butter, and raw buttermilk for pets from all Jersey herds. Locally produced, organic produce, free range eggs, and completely unheated Amish cheeses also available. Two grass based Florida farms serve our local food club: One of the dairies is a jersey herd that is entirely grassfed (supplemented with hay silage and kelp only). The second dairy is a jersey herd where the cows are mostly pastured but get a commercial feed mix during milking only that is non-GMO and tested to be pesticide residue-free. The jersey cows have free and unlimited access to kelp supplement to ensure that they get all the minerals they need for high quality milk. The milk has an exceptional creamline and extremely long-lasting shelf life due to state-of-the-art milking technology in a sparkling clean milking parlor complete with de-stress mats and cow massage equipment used during milking. No antibiotics, no steroids, no hormones. Contact Sarah Pope at for pickup information. No delivery. Blog:
  • Tampa Area: Florida Dept. of Agriculture Licensed distributor of fresh raw goat milk and goat milk products (kefir,cheese) for pet consumption only. Also fresh free range eggs - again, pet consumption only. Milk sold in new dairy approved gallon jugs only. Please do not ask to
    discuss the consumption of their milk by humans and jeopardize their license. TB/Brucellosis free herd. ADGA registered championship show goats which are family pets FIRST! They do not use vaccines, growth hormones or antibiotics. Just west of the Tampa International Airport.
    Also homemade goat milk soap in various scents. See website at or contact (813) 818-0305. A member of the FCLDF. See their products under The Dancing Goat label in area health food stores.
  • Tampa Bay Area: BIG N FARM, (813) 299-4971, Dan and Rene Brinson, . Fresh or frozen goat milk, raw or pasteurized from ADGA registered show goats. Gallons only. As per Florida law, for pet consumption only. Their goats are gently raised with love and given only fresh, natural grain and hay. No growth hormones or antibiotics.

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