Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Healing & Preventing Cancer Nutritionally (XVIII): Acid-Forming & Alkaline-Forming Foods Table

Healing & Preventing Cancer Nutritionally (XVIII): Acid-Forming & Alkaline-Forming Foods Table: "Another factor is pH. Acid-forming foods, such as ... [carbohydrates like donuts, beer, candy, ice cream, Pepsi, bread, pastries, etc.], make the blood more acidic. To sustain life, human blood pH must be in the range of 7.3 - 7.45 (Guyton). Outside that range, we're dead. Remember, the lower the number, the more acidity. The more acid the blood is, the less oxygen it contains... There's a major difference in oxygen even within the narrow range of 'normal' blood pH: blood that is pH 7.3 actually has 69.4% less oxygen than 7.45 blood, according to Whang's book, Reverse Aging. On a practical level, this means we should do everything to keep the pH on the high side of the range, as close as possible to 7.45, by eating as many alkaline foods as possible. That would be, you guessed it - live, raw foods, especially green foods."


It has been proven that Cancer needs an acidic environment to grow and also that alkalinity will kill Cancer. Some experts believe that Cancer is a fungus, in fact Dr Otto Warburg proved that Acidity is the root cause of most if not all disease and especially Cancer. He found the cause of Cancer in the 1920s and won the Nobel Prize yet when I asked oncologists if they were familiar with his findings, all to date say they have never heard of him. This begs the question, do they really want to find the cure to Cancer or would they rather continue making billions on drug "cures" that don't work? We could all radically reduce our chances of Cancer and other diseases by avoiding these poisons.

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