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Gabriel Cousens M.D. discusses Swine (H1N1) Flu

Gabriel Cousens M.D. on the Swine H1N1 Flu Virus
"Although the war between the light and the dark has already been won, there are still some battles to be fought.  Please keep a positive attitude and be at Peace" Gabriel Cousens M.D.
Full Preparation, Prevention and Protection Protocol Below

Dear Friend,

Although everything is possible, the emergence of the swine flu pandemic can only happen if this is a genetically engineered virus.  As in the past with the avian flu pandemic in limiting serious amounts of the population, we pray this will also fail.  

There is one of the 72 names pronounced: nun lamed kaf, which is specific for nullifying plagues.  Gabriel encourages all people who get this to spend a little bit of time each day repeating this mantra with visualizations of this virus dying out and their attempt at creating a pandemic failing and visualizing the whole world being healthy and happy.

The previous protocol for protecting against the viral flu that the Tree of Life has put out in the past is very effective against this human bird swine flu and for protecting the immune system combined with adequate sleep, live food, good hydration, and a loving attitude. This protocol applies to building the immune system against all flus.

Previous vaccination programs have been between 0 and 14% effective according to the CDC and 1% effective according to Israli research.  Israeli research has also shown that vaccinations compromise the immune system.  Research at John's Hopkins over a 10-year period showed that 5 consecutive flu vaccinations resulted in 10 times greater amounts of Alzheimer's Disease, which fits with research by Russell Blaylock M.D. Neuro Surgeon, which suggests that one single vaccination can cause brain inflammation that can last up to 2 years.  

Gabriel recommends people have some level of preparedness and in advance an overall flu protocol. Gabriel also recommends getting a bio-photon machine, which neutralizes viruses and vaccinations.  These are available through the Tree of Life Dispensary.

Please contact our pharmacy (866 394 2520 ext 202/218) and order your supplies from the flu protocol ASAP!

Although the war between the light and the dark has already been won, there are still some battles to be fought.  Please keep a positive attitude and be at Peace. 

Gabriel sends blessings of health, peace, and joy to everyone.

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomat of Ayurveda

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By Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
Article from September 2006 - Infomation still Essential and Accurate

1. The key is to lead a healthy/happy lifestyle which builds the immune system. Leading as low stress, love-filled, and conscious a lifestyle as possible is the most important protector and builder of the immune system.
2. This includes adequate sleep—there is an estimated 100 million in the U.S. who are sleep deprived. Seven to eight hours is usually adequate, especially if it includes the hours between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am, when the immune system most actively rejuvenates itself.
3. Drinking high quality water about ½ the body weight in oz or so is urinating every 1-2 hours. Chapter 29, "Living Water," in Spiritual Nutrition gives a good description of safe, high energy water with an activated-distilled approach which is the most practical way to get the most pure water.
4. Adequate nutrition.
5. 15-30 minutes of sunlight per day.


In protecting oneself against avian bird flu it is imperative that we counter the destructive affects of the virus. To do this we suggest taking vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are collectively:
(a) Anti-viral
(b) Anti-oxidant
(c) Anti-inflammatory
(d) Anti-immune
(e) Anti-cytokine storm
(f) Alkalinizing
(g) Adrenal building.


The Avian flu viral infection has five components that affect us:
1. Cytokine storm à inflammation of the lungs. This is the main cause of death.
2. Effect of the virus on the cells.
3. Free radical overload as a result of viral infection that weakens people and suppresses the immune system.
4. The weak immune system before-the-fact is further compromised by the virus itself.
5. Adrenal exhaustion, potentially leading to a fatal case of hemorrhagic adrenals.


A proper approach to prevention and treatment needs to take into account all these factors.


Although an Avian bird flu pandemic is only a possibility, pandemics have occurred throughout history, and we should be prepared [ourselves, well beyond the approach of governmental organizations, which do not address any of the main preventative measures discussed here.] The following is a list of some of the major pandemics to make the point and possibility clear.


1485                      Flu-like malady in England where hundreds of thousands were sick. Many died.
1580                      first recorded epidemic in Europe which came to Asia and Africa.
1700                      Pandemics
1878                      Fowl plague, now called the avian influenza.
1889-1890              Russian flu spread from Russia to America.
1900                      Major epidemic
1918 and 1920       Between 20 to 100 million died.
1924                      First outbreak of the avian flu.
1957-1958             Pandemic – 1 million people worldwide
1968-1969             Hong Kong Flu – 34,000 Americans
1976                           Swine Flu – Never really broke out. More people died from the vaccinations than the flu. There were 25 Deaths from the Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
1997                      H-5 N-1 Bird Flu There have been approximately 120 cases.



As in many aspects of late, preparation is the key to success. This approach covers what to do in three separate situations, which we code:


No flu


Avian flu has not arrived locally, but has begun to mutate and spread in the public sector


You have the flu


It is very important that we maintain a certain amount of awareness about this. In terms of preparation at the Green Level, the best thing we can do is: don't take a vaccination. The research is not definitive, but very suggestive that not only do vaccinations not help, but they can even hurt us. To be specific, there is research that shows that vaccinations actually decrease your ability to cope with viruses. That is a significant statement. Research by Dr. Haim Deninberg of Hadaza University in Jerusalem found that people that have been given flu vaccines had lower antibody levels against the three major strains of flu than those who had not been vaccinated. In other words, it in fact weakened the immune system. Flu shots may actually be creating a pattern of dependence. Some research in Finland showed two groups of elderly people given the flu shot had an only 1% lower incidence of flu than the placebo group. [CHECK THIS SOURCE] There are a lot of additional dangers to vaccinations. Vaccines contain toxic metals and compounds such as formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminum phosphate. Other things that are in various vaccines are: monkey kidneys, antibiotics, calf serum, and chick embryo. These are all foreign proteins which can cause an adverse reaction in the recipient. The reaction is something for children we definitely know of, but the Guillain-Barre occurs in primarily adults. We must consider the Guillain-Barre Sydrome, an auto-immune response of the nervous system which may leave one completely paralyzed from the neck down or cause death. I actually treated someone for a complete paralysis. What we find is that when immunity to a disease is acquired naturally, a possible re-infection is only 3%; whereas where a vaccination is administered the re-infection rate is up to 80%.
Finally, regarding our children, vaccines have been associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and autism. We need to be very careful about this whole picture.



once we understand that vaccinations are not the key and may weaken our defense system, or actually cause irreversible disease or death, we are more free to go to the fundamentals of health and building the immune system. it takes us back to something fundamental, which is our strategy.


This involves choosing to lead a really healthy, low-stress life, with lots of herbal and anti-viral foods such as: Garlic; shitake mushroom; aloe vera; onion; ginger; spirulina; cruciferous vegetables; elderberries; berries. We want to have Vitamin C, A, E; the minerals zinc and selenium; lomatium; astragalus; St. John's Wort; Echinacea; licorice; lemon balm; green tea; grapefruit seed extract[1]; and cat's claw. We want to keep our stress low, be at peace with the world, get plenty of hydration, and lymphatic protection.


This all means that although there are no guarantees, we are providing the maximum sort of protection for ourselves on all levels.




THE KEY APPROACH TO THE BIRD FLU IS PREVENTION. At the Green Level, this means a healthy diet. This is going to be an 80-100 percent live-food diet; a diet that inhibits free-radical production; enhances enzyme production; inactivates viruses; and is high in certain nutrients that build the immune system. One of the most important nutrients is Vitamin C. We want to have a diet that is high in vitamin C, and we recommend at the Green Level to certainly have lots of vegetables and fruit, and be taking a highly-potent C. The type that I recommend is a whole-food C, such as Pure Radiance C, Camu-Camu, or Acerola berries. The diet should be a low-glycemic diet that is high in vegetables, leafy greens, and sea vegetables. Also included are: Green superfood powders; grasses; sprouts; the superfoods: bee pollen, cacao, maca, spirulina (which has specific anti-viral effects), chlorella, blue-green algae (which has stem cell stimulants in it and anti-viral qualities), and goji berries. For some cayenne pepper works good as a carrier. Although garlic is not the best for meditation, garlic can be used at the Yellow Level, as it has potent anti-viral effects. Aloe vera, which has anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties and is a very high-ormus containing food.Noni is good, as well. These are extremely good anti-viral, immune-stimulating foods.


Other excellent foods and herbs at the Green Level include: Oregano; Cloves; Paprika; Thyme; Peppermint; Lemon Balm; Curcurum; Green Tea; Ginger is extremely good and has many antiviral qualities to it; St. John's Wort is also a very powerful antiviral herb; and Una de Gato.


Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) has specific anti-viral, antioxidant, and alkalinizing qualities. Studies show that it removes pesticides and heavy metals from the body, strengthening the immune system and making it an excellent Green Level supplement. I recommend 10 drops 3x/day at the Green Level. At the Yellow Level, 15 drops 4x/day, and at the Red Level, 3 drops each hour.


We should avoid all poultry products. Obviously the issue of poultry is akin to Mad Cow Disease—we would not be talking about Avian Bird Flu if the people were not exploiting the bird population. One way to make it clear is: don't eat the birds, or, "chicken and turkey are for the birds, they are not for human beings."


It is important to be well hydrated with clean water. This keeps the system from getting congested and keeps the lymph going. A lifestyle that moves the lymph is important. One of the best and easiest ways to support lymph circulation is rebounding. Moderate exercise is also good for the immune system.


There are certain nutrients that are in the Green Level that are important. Zinc[2] may be the most important antioxidant known, and effects over 300 enzymes. A diet that is high in pumpkin and sunflower seeds is good. Zinc turns out to be extraordinarily important for protection and for healing/treatment of Avian bird flu. One of the dangerous aspects of the Avian bird flu is what we call the cytokine storm. This is an imbalance between Thymic Hormone-1 and -2, which results in inflammation and edema of the lungs and is the major cause of death in Avian bird flu. Zinc corrects the imbalance between TH-1 and TH-2. Zinc re-establishes the hormonal balance that prevents and ameliorates the cytokine storm. There is good evidence that zinc salts also potentiate ten-fold the anti-viral action of the human cytokine interferon Alpha. Zinc is an essential component of the specific SOD enzymes, which can significantly reduce mortality rates, following a lung infection. Zinc also decreases the severity and duration of viral and other infections. While it does not kill viruses and bacteria, zinc does stop them from reproducing, and is therefore useful to support the immune system. Zinc quickly dissolves and moves throughout the body fluids - especially saliva and nasal secretions - increasing the strength of the lung epithelial airways, so that they will become less inflamed. Unfortunately today there is a deficiency of zinc around the world, so we may want to add into the Level Green diet a zinc supplement. Generally, we recommend the Angstrom zinc supplements, because zinc is absorbed through the mouth, which is better than gut absorption. At the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, we use Mother Earth's zinc. I recommend a teaspoon, 1-3 times/day to be held in the mouth. This is good in terms of just a tablet, around 25-50 mg/day is important. 50 mg is closer to a therapeutic dose.


Selenium is an important preventative nutrient at the Green Level ½ tsp 2x/day. There are natural sources of selenium, such as Ashitaba or 3 Brazil Nuts per day. You do need to be mindful of excessive selenium consumption.


Vitamin C is one of the other major protective nutrients. It is a super antioxidant. Under viral attack we get many free radical problems. It is a cofactor for enzyme reactions, and it inactivates viruses, and inhibits lung inflammation, and obviously, the cytokine storm. In oxidating environments Vitamin C increases the release of superoxides and nitric acid to counter the free radicals. Vitamin C is one of the most important things we can use to protect us. The average dose at the preventative level is 3 grams/day of the Pure Radiance C and up to 8,000 mg per half hour if there is actually an infection, so this is a large range of C. At the Red Level, one can use Vitamin C up to bowel tolerance (where one gets gas and slight diarrhea), and then slightly decrease the amount.


B-12[3] is another very important nutrient. B-12 has been shown to minimize the negative effects of the cytokine storm. [Cytokine storms are really the key physiology to focus on, in terms of the people dying from Avian flu.]


Vitamin A is another crucial nutrient. We get that in all our leafy greens, and we have a source of A to be used in an acute way that we can go up to 100,000 IU. We have to be careful with A—the beta carotenes will do it in a preventive way. The Vitamin A stimulates the [        ] in the upper respiratory tract.


N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and Thio-Dox makes glutathionine, which is a powerful immune stimulant and antioxidant to take preventatively at the Green Level.



The Yellow Level requires deeper attention. We want to keep to moderate exercise. We want to start to apply some of our herbal combinations. One is garlic. You can soak it in lemon juice 24-48 hours, or you can take allicin concentrates. You may want to take Echinacea preventatively; the mushrooms[4] Reishi, Shitake, and Maitake; Agaricus blazei; cordyceps;licorice root is very antiviral. Astragalus - known as loco weed - is specifically good for avian flu at the Red Level. Increase your amount of aloe vera. Russian Immune is also a good tonic. These are more specific Yellow Level preventatives. They really begin to protect the system in a good way.



During this time, the Green Level and Yellow Level diet of Phase 1 and 1.5 is where we are.[5] At the Red Level you may want to consider a green juice fast to best help your system alkalize.


At the Red Level, we are adding a whole other level of input by adding some very specific treatment protocols, which we have outlined. Vitamin C becomes 8,000 mg every 30 minutes;B-12 is already on board.


Our Red Level protocol includes a set of supplements, one of the primary ones is Sambucol, which has been shown to knock out a whole variety of flus—20 percent by day one and up to 90 percent by day three. One should take it at the beginning of the flu. Sambucol is a  commercial name for elderberry.


One of the things that we heard about the flu epidemic in 1917 was that many people died from hemorrhagic adrenals, due to adrenal stress. So we are adding Quantum Adaptogen at the Green Level once to twice a day depending, Yellow Level 1-2 tabs 2x/day, and at the Red Level, 3 tabs 3x/day. At the Yellow Level, we add Russian Choice Immune 1 cap 2x/day and at the Red Level 3 caps 4x/day. Supreme Protector 1 cap/day at the Yellow Level, 2 caps 3x/day at the Red Level. Also for adrenal support, Tachyon Siberian Ginseng called OS Gin, 1 drop/day. You can also use OS 25. Yellow 1 drop 2x/day, and then 1 drop 4x/day at the Red Level.


Immutol at the Yellow Level 1 cap 2x/day and 3 caps 4x/day at Red Level.


Illumination, which has star anise (what Tamiflu is made from). We start with 1 teaspoon/day at the Green Level. 1 teaspoon 2x/day at the Yellow Level, and 1 teaspoon 4x/day at the Red Level. It is excellent for the immune and adrenal system.


Flumonia, which has a special formulation with Lomatium in it, is used primarily at the Red Level 1 drop/hour. It is specific for SARS and Avian bird flu.


The Allicidin, from a garlic concentrate, 1-2 drops in the nose 2x/day with a squirt in the nose of Peaceful Mountain Sinusitis or Cold and Flu. At the Red Level, 1-2 drops in the nostril 4x/day, 1 squirt each nostril per hour.


Vitamin E has antiviral factors. Initially at the Green Level use 400 IU, and then at the Red Level going up to 800-1600 IU.


At the Red Level, Argentum 23, 1 tsp 5x/day can be used. It is specifically anti-viral and antibacterial. At the Red Level you can take Argentum 23 in a nebulizer, which we do offer at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. Appropriate amounts are 2.5 - 5 cc twice daily all the way up to hourly.


Rectal Ozone[6] is a powerful anti-viral to be used at the Red Level.


One of the great things that has been known for hundreds of years and has been used in various plagues is aromatherapy. We have designed one called Mighty Mite, which at the Yellow Level would be 5 drops daily. At the Red Level 5 drops up to 4x/day. It may have a hard effect on the liver, and should only be used for 4-7 days in a row. Another aromatherapy we have developed is Lung Lover, made from frankincense, myrrh, clove, ravensara, hyssop, eucalyptus globulus.



There are things you may also want to prepare for your protection.


Have a mask. We recommend the North 5500 from the website


A good water supply – if everyone is sick there may be a water shortage. If you are on electricity, you water supply may go down in the event of an outage. As a backup, you may want to have a Katadyn hand-pump water filter and a Steripen, which uses ultraviolet light.


Toilet paper


Wind-up AM/FM Radio to keep up with what is going on, such as the Eton Grundig FR300, or others available at Radio Shack or Red Cross.


Stay off the Streets. You don't have to be in a panic, but be very much at peace. Stay off the streets because quarantines will be in effect. According to the CDC, there is no real difference between in symptoms between regular flu and avian flu in the initial stages. You do not want to be in a place where you are quarantined with other sick people who actually have the Avian bird flu.


The estimates are that if Avian flu were to become a plague, 1% of the population in the U.S. might die, and estimates are up to 30% of the population would get flu symptoms. Estimates are that up to one billion would die in the world. Using these very simple nutritional and life style approaches, we do not have to be a part of that 1 billion people.         


Following this approach, you have a very good chance of either protecting yourself completely against the flu or minimizing its effects on you.


May all those who receive this be blessed with this knowledge and information, and know that we can do something about this possibility. Preparation leads to prevention and protection.




Immune Builder by Mushroom Science (shitake, maitake – a blend of _______ mushrooms
Host Defense by New Chapter – Another excellent mushroom blend (shitake, maitake, reishi, lion's mane
Influenzium (sp?) – A homeopathic
Thiodox + NAC


How to Beat the Bird Flu by Mike Adams,


Green Level
Yellow Level
Red  Level





80-100% Vegan/Raw Foods with periodic fasting
80-100% Vegan/Raw Foods with periodic fasting
80-100% Vegan/Raw Foods with periodic fasting
Pure Water
½ body weight in oz per day
½ body weight in oz per day
½ body weight in oz per day plus Green Juices or Green Juice Fast
1-3 T/day
1-3 T/day
1-3 T/day




Up to 16 beans/day
Up to 16 beans/day
Up to 16 beans/day




Bee Pollen
1-3 T/day
1-3 T/day
1-3 T/day
Adequate Sleep
7-8 hours
7-8 hours
7-8 hours
Low-stress, Love-filled life








Rebounder 16 minutes/day
Rebounder 16 minutes/day
Rest – preserve energy for healing








Natural Cellular Defense (NCD)
10 Drops 3x/day
15 Drops 4x/day
3 drops/hour
Pure Radiance C
1 tsp 3x/day
2 tsp 3x/day
1 tsp/hr and up to 8 gm buffered C
Vitamin A
1 lb leafy greens/day
10,000 IU/day
25,000 IU/Day – up to 1 month
Vitamin E
400 or ½ tsp
400 or ½ tsp
400 BID or ½ tsp BID
Daily dose
Daily dose
Double the daily dose
Angstrom Zinc
1 tsp/day
1 tsp 2x/day
1 tsp 4x/day
Angstrom Selenium




Quantum Nucleotide
1 cap 2x/day
2 cap 2x/day
4 caps 4x/day
Quantum Adaptogen
As you choose
1-2 2x/day
3 3x/day
Tachyon Cold and Flu (OS-10)


1 dropper/day
1 dropper 4x/day
Russian Choice Immune


1 cap 2x/day
3 caps 4x/day
Supreme Protector
1-2 caps 2x/day



Supreme Protector 2000


1 cap/day
1 cap 2x/day


1 2x/day
3 caps 4x/day



1 tsp 4x/day
1 tsp/day
1 tsp 2x/day
1 tsp 4x/day
Tachyon Siberian Ginseng (OS-Gin)
1 dropper/day
1 dropper 2x/day
1 dropper 4x/day



1 dropper/hour



12 drops 4x/day
Pacific Cold and Sinus



1 squirt 4/x/day







Rectal ozone 1x/day
Immune Builder


1 - 1x/day
2 – 2x/day
5 – 3x/day
Host Defense
15 drops 2x/day
30 drops 2x/day
15 drops 4x/day
Mighty Mite


5 drops/day
5 drops 4x/day (Up to 4-7 days in a row)
Lung Lover









[1] Nutribiotic Liquid Concentrate with Citricidal,
[2] See Cousens, Gabriel, M.D. Spiritual Nutrition, pp, 453-454.
[3] See Cousens, Gabriel, M.D. Spiritual Nutrition, chapter 19, "B-12"
[4] There are some excellent mushroom combinations for the Yellow Level listed in the chart following this discussion.
[5] See Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. for a detailed investigation of a vegan/live low-glycemic index diet and a food phases chart for guidance.
[6] For a thorough discussion of oxygen therapies including rectal ozone, see Flood Your Body With Oxygen by Ed McCabe.

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