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EndNote List Archive - Thomson Reuters:"Re: X5 CWYW Causing Word 2010 to Freeze" - 1 New Post - Community Subscription - Adept Scientific

EndNote List Archive - Thomson Reuters:"Re: X5 CWYW Causing Word 2010 to Freeze" - 1 New Post - Community Subscription - Adept Scientific

Thank you for your email with the detailed information.

First, it is not recommended to cut or copy and paste formatted references in the document directly as this may damage the field codes.  When you insert a reference into a document it first inserts a plain text temporary citation that looks like this {Steve, 2010 #21}. If you have instant formatting turned on, as soon as you insert this reference, Word then uses Microsoft's Field Code standard to create the code necessary for EndNote to dynamically work with the document. This code is hidden in the background of the document, behind the formatted reference you see.

Cutting, coping and pasting, deleting or editing formatted citations and footnotes directly in the document will often result in orphaned pieces of the code which causes issues.  As copying/ cutting and pasting EndNote citations will cause damage to the field codes, it is always recommended to convert the document to unformatted citations and then proceed with copying/ cutting and pasting.

Steps below will assist you with merging chapters into one document in Word with a standalone bibliography and formatted citations:  Note: We strongly recommend saving a back up copy of all your Word files before following these steps
 1. First, create a blank document for all the chapters to be placed in.
 2. Open the first document to be merged and in Word go to the EndNote tab > "Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Unformatted Citations" command.
 3. Press [Ctrl]+A on the keyboard to highlight everything, press [Ctrl]+C to copy the highlighted text and then in the blank document [Ctrl]+V to paste. Note: Please follow the step 2 and 3 for all chapters.
 4. Once you have pasted all the text into the blank document make sure you have all the libraries that contain the references open in EndNote and then in Word go to the EndNote tab > click on Update Citations and Bibliography.

This procedure should create a word file with one bibliography at the end.  If you want chapter bibliographies in addition to the master bibliography, you will need to do the following. This is the only option I can think of with the current functionality.
 1. With the original copy of your chapter documents (the ones with field codes), click Unformat Citation(s) from the EndNote toolbar. This will revert the citations to their temporary format and remove the bibliography.
 2. Merge all the unformatted document chapters into a master document.
 3. In the master document, click on Format Bibliography from the EndNote toolbar.
 4. When this is done, make a backup of this master document using the Save As option from the File menu.
 5. Click on "Remove Field Codes" from the EndNote toolbar to make this copy of the master document plain text.
 6. You can now copy the chapter bibliographies into this new master document from the copy of your chapter documents with the field codes removed.  Please refer the following knowldge base  artcile for more information on chapter bibliographies:
I hope this information helps!
If the issue continues, please let us know


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For those with the Copy Paste issue, we have a temporary workaround to offer until the issue is addressed. Within the Instant Formatting Settings, turn off the "Check for Citation Updates" option. This will enable you to leave Instant Formatting on but will require you to conduct a final Citation Update before distributing the document to make sure order changes, removals, etc... are updated. Â Â - Mathilda, the EndNote team