Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Dear Friends,

I was listening to an NPR show yesterday, West Coast Live, where there was an interview with the author of the book, The Zoo Keeper's Wife.  This is a book about a woman in Poland who helped over 300 Jews escape the Nazis, mainly by hiding them in the animal cages.

During this interview, she told how people WERE NOT THE ONLY TARGET OF THE  NAZI GENETIC PURITY AGENDA.  They were also, according to her, killing off local varieties of animals so their preferred "species" of animals would be all that are left.

We are already seeing this in the plant kingdom here in the U.S.  For example, there used to be over 1,800 named varieties of apples in a single Southern state!  Now, you can find only a few types in the market over the course of a year. 

I got a communication from one of my activist friends that varieties of pig grown by home farmers are now being labeled "feral" and are slated for destruction. 

Chickens from Tyson are a patented variety--meaning they are somehow genetically identical, and the farmers get hatched chicks to raise--no rooster need apply.

Then, there's the Genetically Modified Organisms... .plant seeds with genes from viruses, bacteria, and other life forms injected into them so they produce their own pesticide and/or resit death from chemicals contained in Agent Orange, as an example.

The GMO labeling campaign has until April 22 to get signatures turned in to the California Secretary of State. 

Please get, as I do now, that GMOs are a part of the current fascist agenda to grab control over life forms on this planet at a genetic level.  Your help would be appreciated!




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