Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hundred Year Lie, Organic Food, Alternative Medicine, Natural Products

Hundred Year Lie, Organic Food, Alternative Medicine, Natural Products:

"I began learning how chemically toxic we each have become, and how, as a result of the body burden of chemicals we are constantly absorbing, the reproductive future of our entire species is now imperiled.

* Why are studies showing that 12% of American couples are unable to conceive?
* Why are studies showing that the number of children being born with both male and female sex organs tripled in the last decade?
* Why is the incidence of testicular cancer in 2000 four times higher than 1950?
* Why are more and more men seeking breast-reduction surgery as a result of drinking tap water?
* Why is the U.S. spending more than twice as much on health care than any other industrialized nation?"

The truth? People are reversing chronic disease by quitting the Synthetics Belief System!

Battling terminal brain tumors and the breakdown of her body due to chronic disease, Bonnie Lovett stunned the National Institute of Health and experienced complete disease regression that left her with no physical deformities. Her secret? Acting on the knowledge that the Synthetics belief System was ruining her life.

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