Thursday, May 27, 2010

Be Your Own Doctor, Part II (Opinion)

Be Your Own Doctor, Part II (Opinion)
To be our own doctor, we must see that our undesirable eating habits as well as our generally poor health habits due to ignorance, confusion and conditioning deprive our bodies of their strength and vitality. This tends to provoke a mental and spiritual drain as well.

Nature is capable of eliminating body poisoning or putrefaction from itself, regardless of whether the cause of the problem is physical, mental or spiritual. All that's required is giving Nature the help it needs by living a rational life and developing desirable habits of good health.

Most all disease is one disease - toxemia (body poisoning). It is a different name in different parts of the body, but actually the cause of most all disease is the same - self pollution and vitality drain.

Unless a body part has been destroyed by chronic self-pollution, most all disease can be healed by the body itself. Chemical imbalance starts with an irritation that becomes inflamed. Then, self-pollution of the blood stream's circulatory system degenerates into chronic putrefaction of the entire "plumbing" system.

Our minds have been intensively indoctrinated into accepting efficient treatment of disease; we have the trite assumption that the treating of a symptom is not only adequate, but also the only medically acceptable method of treatment. Talk about "theater of the absurd"!

The fact that a medically trained doctor, sworn to uphold the Hippocratic Oath, continues to haphazardly over-drug, promiscuously mutilates with a scalpel, senselessly over-stabs with the needle, poisons with chemicals and overkills live cells with x-ray is abominable. Yet, the unsuspecting public has been taught to respect, honor and obey the physician as a father figure, licensed for manslaughter, equal to God.

Labeled as "curing the patient", the medical world makes the mistake of treating effects (symptoms) believing them to be the cause of bodily disturbance. For example: a vital organ develops a symptom. The doctor hurriedly removes the organ by surgery. The result: Cure! Yet, the real problem, toxemia poisoning, is still there.

Because the members of the American Medical Profession lack training in nutrition and biological hygiene training, removal of the part seems to justify the whole. Given the proper conditions, nutrition and adequate elimination, the human body will eliminate its own wastes and impurities by the process of autolysis (self-dissolving) if given the chance.

Again, most all disease is one disease - body pollution and poisoning. Yet, we accept incompetent medical training as perfectly normal even if the treatment proves fatal. All symptoms of disease, regardless of their label by medical science, are all diagnosed in the same senseless manner - ignorance of the cause.

Is the question ever asked, "Can the tissue or organ be restored to normalcy"? Why hasn't medical science discovered the reason the human body fails to function normally? Could it be that they are too busy in the mad pursuit of "miracle drugs"? Why is such a preponderance of surgery necessary today, when people can be taught how to live healthy lives to avoid chronic illness and needless operations?

Our medical profession, along with the medical-hospital-Big Pharma-health insurance industry complex, is the largest licensed pusher of drugs in the world. The wanton maiming and destruction of human life due to premeditated, irresponsible, over-prescribed poison drugs are unbelievable. Drugs have never cured the sick and the relief they are supposed to give is questionable and temporary. Millions are dead from the over-prescription of drugs by the legal drug pushers (doctors) and the side effects of the drugs are much worse than the symptoms they are supposed to relieve.


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