Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Science Finally Reveals How You Can Actually REVERSE Aging

Science Finally Reveals How You Can Actually REVERSE Aging: "If you were to unravel the tip of the chromosome, a telomere is about 15,000 bases long at the moment of conception in the womb. (Remember the length of the entire chromosome is about 100 million bases.)

Immediately after conception your cells begin to divide, and your telomeres begin to shorten each time the cell divides.

Once your telomeres have been reduced to about 5,000 bases, you essentially die of old age."

Interestingly, researchers have discovered that reproductive cells do not age. They do not undergo the same telomere shortening process as all other cells in your body do.

This is due to the presence and production of an enzyme called telomerase.

Somatic cells (all cells other than your reproductive cells) do not produce telomerase, however, they do contain the gene for telomerase production. The gene is simply turned off, which causes the telomere shortening process to proceed.

The strategy is to turn the telomerase gene back on in somatic cells. They’re doing this by DECIDING THAT YOU CAN DO THIS - - TELL YOUR CELLS TO turn back on telomerase production.

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