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9 Top Health Blogs

Please read, and note which are "MAINSTREAM" medical BS funded by Big Pharma, and which are NOT!!!  

9 Top Health Blogs To Follow For Health Consciousness

There is plenty of information right online that you can use to stay health conscious. These blogs range from those that focus on new medications and treatments that are available to the public to those that concentrate on how you can stay healthy using home testing products. Those who are interested in trying to stay as healthy as possible can take a look at the following top 9 health blogs online today:


This website is ideal for those who are looking up symptoms and who also want to learn about the latest news in the medical profession. WebMD also offers medical advice for those who have questions regarding their health. The blogs tend to focus on conditions and diseases, symptoms, treatments and preventative measures to avoid these conditions.


This is a website devoted to self diagnosis of various conditions ranging from high blood pressure to drug abuse. Those who are concerned about their health and do not want to pay a visit to the doctor, can purchase home testing kits from the site and use the blog to follow the latest technology when it comes to diagnostic testing. This site discusses everything from testing to get pregnant to testing for illegal drugs in the system and everything in between.


This is a blog site that offers general health information as well as allows those who visit to look up disease symptoms, treatments and cures  It covers most topics of medicine and even discusses alternative medicine options.


This is a blog devoted to all aspects of the health of women, including diseases that affect women as well as pregnancy issues, menstrual issues, puberty and menopause. Women who are concerned with women's health issues can use this blog to discover more about conditions that affect women only.

5.  Blogs.consumer

This blog focuses on prescription medicine, new breakthroughs in treatments when it comes to these medications as well as recalls on medications that have been removed by the market. The blog discusses research that is being performed into the treatment of various diseases and conditions as well.


If you are concerned about wellness and nutrition, you can use this blog as a guide to help healthy living habits. This is an ideal blog for anyone who wants to lose weight or is looking for diet and exercise tips as well as proper nutritional habits.


Those who are concerned with mental health issues that range from serious issues to anxiety and phobias can consult the blogs on this website for information related to mental health. Anyone suffering from a mental health condition, or thinks they may be suffering from such a condition, can look up symptoms and find out more about the condition by making use of this blog site.


This is a website that features blogs relating to men's health. The subjects range from diseases that affect men, such as prostate cancer, nutrition, exercise and fitness. The blogs are primarily focused on exercise, nutrition and fitness for men.


If you are looking for alternate health remedies in place of traditional medicine, the blog site of Dr. Joseph Mercola is for you. This site focuses on natural health products as opposed to traditional medical cures and treatments.

No matter what your health concern, chances are that you can find a health blog online that can offer you help. Check out these top 9 health blogs to find out which one can best suit your needs.

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