Thursday, March 26, 2009

News for a Synergic Earth : Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

This class is over, but the slides and handouts are still available for downloading.

Future Positive: Humanity's Synergic Alternativeon March 31, 2005: Future Positive Slides
The Games of Life: Adversity, Neutrality, and Synergy on March 24, 2005: Games of Life Slides
Mastering Calmness on March 10, 2005: Calmness Exercise Outline, Mastering Calmness Exercise
Beyond Blame, Guilt & Punishment on March 03, 2005: Beyond Blame, Guilt & Punishment Slides

The World of "IS" and "Ought to Be" on February 24, 2005: The World of "IS" and "Ought to Be" Slides
A Manual for the Dual Mind on February 17, 2005: Dual Mind Manual Slides
Self & Other: A Relationship on February 10, 2005: Self & Other Slides
Reality Rules! on February 3, 2005: Reality Rules! Slides
Understanding Cancer on January 27, 2005: Understanding Cancer Slides
Controlling Anger in Self & Other on January 20, 2005: Controlling Anger Slides & Handout
Understanding Anger & Fear on January 13, 2005: Understanding Anger & Fear Slides, Mastering Calmness Exercise
Understanding Stress on January 6th, 2005: Understanding Stress Slides, Understanding Stress Handout

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