Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Can Take It

We Can Take It: "The original CCC program mobilized our military and put millions of young single males and war veterans as government issue or G.I.'s to work on conservation projects and other public works projects on US property throughout the United States. Government USCCC workers reforested timberlands (planted 4 billion trees), fought forest fires, controlled soil erosion, built public roads, developed and maintained public parks, and provided disaster relief.

Environmental and infrastructural issues long have been ignored on a social and governmental level. Reactivation would solve those issues and energize young adults and veterans who would stimulate our economy and our rescue our neglected environment. The CCC program should also be considered as a national service and an alternative to military service but have access to the GI Bill. CCC enrollees would then enable our nation with a more confident, competent and reliable workforce ready for employment with real world work experience.

On March 21,1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote these prophetic words in a message to Congress, 'More important, however, than the material gains from their labors will be the moral and spiritual value of such work."

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