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a new beginning...: Thursday, July 06, 2006

a new beginning...: Thursday, July 06, 2006: "Earth represents a level of consciousness. Everything on this level has its likeness in higher consciousness. There is no object, however small, that does not have its counterpart in other realms. So when the thing below bestirs itself, the result is a simultaneous stimulation of its likeness above. The two realms form one interconnected whole"

It is as if everything in the universe were reflected by a heavenly counterpart. This companion is more than a twin; it is multifaceted as a composite of all our elements. Assuming each individual is a composite of many subpersonalities, each time we express ourselves in reality as we know it, our counterpart is being activated in other realities. The lover is there, the conniver, the little child, the judge, our inner strengths, and our inner weaknesses. Whatever mode we happen to be in, this is the character that we energize in the other realms.

When we are consistently thoughtful, for example, our higher thoughtful essence is aroused. When we are erratic, our “angel” or erratic behavior is animated. When we enter into a state of lovingkindness, our higher self of lovingkindness is activated. Moreoever, just as all of our actions, words, or thoughts reverberate in this world, so too does the arousal of our higher beings reverberate in the heavens.

This ancient kabbalistic idea is a holistic, energetic model of the universe. It cuts across layers of reality and includes every possible dimension of creation, angels, demons, thoughts, feelings, past, future, this incarnation, and all others. According to this Jewish mystical viewpoint, everything and every “non-thing” that ever was or will be in creation is interconnected.

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