Thursday, May 31, 2007

EXPERIMENT: Activate the Temple 2MyGOD:

Journal2MyGOD: tzippiyah: to dissolve past and future into only Now!
you have found this Challenge ONLINE that's about your life. This page might take 6 minutes to read while the video link above could take 6 hours and this next link might be 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months as you read this story about Love!!

"it's a matter of Love, love love, here and NOW," is on the Radio now as I write this for you . . . when you FEEL these words with me here you are creating and adding energy to them. . . Taht the next reader will feel as well. You connect your energy to this energy that I share and it creates something new. Like adding energy to energy creates more energy. We choose what we Are NOW when we focus our energy. Like the song says:

NOW, there is peace.
NOW, there is truth.
NOW, there is Love!

I can share this truth with you transparently NOW!
How much can you handle?

The symbols and science expressed here go on forever,
yet they are all connected and all are ONE NOW
Reading One word at a time, it can change everything you know or thought you knew!!!

"A Matter of Love" by James Twymen & Jim Wilson, plays on the radio as I write this for you, NOW see all the symbols, how many do you consciously understand:

an experience,
a thought,
a vibration;
they are moving ENERGY

The science of Biochemistry goes on forever as we all know!
You have read the biology books, all the science of our chemistry and biology is about energy. Plants convert the Suns energy into Sugars and Carbohydrates that we eat to create the energy for our muscles, nerves, and brains, to live... we are all this Biochemistry that goes on forever

This moment that I NOW share with you began a "forever ago" . . . and evolves with us to a level never before felt on Earth, this Galaxy, or the Universe! The Energy we are sharing in the NOW moment of these words is evolving beyond anything we've ever seen before. This NOW has never been before!!!

And NOW all Creation has waited from the beginning of time for this moment that this IS LIFE. This IS LIFE NOW your Life this moment with me!

That is what we can share. It has been Forever in the Making. It requires us all to decide that NOW
"we do not need lies,"
"we do not need deceptions,"
"we do not need others to decide what we need . . . "
"we are old enough to take care of ourselves, and do it all NOW"

There is ONE Truth and We Can KNOW IT!

By deciding this becomes OUR TRUTH Together in this moment NOW

Since this ONE energy we share in this moment is

goosebumps down your arms...
that is real energy worth sharing, the silver strings of light between us grow stronger.... we are sharing our understandings together, so the energy between us is increasing ... this makes our connection and energy transfer stronger and higher too.

This is the ONE TRUTH we CAN all email to others... by Sending this NOWCLICK HERE

as you feel this vibration run down into your hands into this keyboard sending this post, to inter-network YOUR friends and community listen to this song a you choose to change OUR WORLD NOW! NOW right NOW

I get it, I get it, I watched it all, every bit of it, read each word twice THANKS! Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ. This is my testimony to YOU!! Amen"

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