Thursday, July 16, 2015

The New Leadership Paradigm That Could Save the World In Less Than A Decade | Collective-Evolution

The New Leadership Paradigm That Could Save the World In Less Than A Decade | Collective-Evolution: In reality, human potential can’t be stopped. Humanity is undergoing the growing pains of the evolution of consciousness as our understanding of the world around us, how we interact with one another and the planet, evolves beyond our self-imposed limitations.

To date, the majority of human thought and resultant social systems have been ordered by a single idea—the belief that we are separate from each other, or separation consciousness. We are presently awakening to a new idea, one that says everything in the Universe is interconnected and interdependent, or unity consciousness.

The initial stages of unity consciousness are measurable as the qualities found in emotional intelligence, a term brought to our attention by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 book by the same name. Emotional intelligence is comprised of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills—in relationship to others—all part and parcel of good leadership.

Unity consciousness goes beyond the egocentric self, fully cognizant that in a symbiotic world, what you do for another, you ultimately do for yourself. The collectivism that Rand railed against was self-dealing vertical collectivism which called for the sacrifice of the individual to the greater good within a top-down hierarchy, ultimately diminishing individual freedom and opportunity.

That sacrifice is required is a concept born out of man-made competition—also a byproduct of separation consciousness. Sacrifice is only required when there is a lack of structured social support. When we work together cooperatively in harmony, rather than in competition which divides, we are able to generate the support required to create self-sustaining individuals and societies that flourish.

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