Saturday, June 20, 2015

The American Machine ==> PASS THIS ON!

What’s funny about this attached PDF, is that I have seen many of these studies.  Like the one published in France about the rats.  Monsanto sued them the next day, and when they would not retract the article.  Monsanto BOUGHT OUT the publisher and pulled the article anyway.  Like the DARK act in USA on labels where Monsanto did the same thing in India but was kicked out!  (forget FOX news, read some real science as this links to all the details:

Why would a company go to such lengths?  ITS FREE MONEY!  Well first it’s the Patented Seeds, which mean every farmer pays them a profit and then all have to buy pesticides too.  Monsanto collects the discarded waste from the oil refineries and sells it at a premium.  Then steals cash from all the farmers as well, because their patent markers transfer to everything so fast.  No matter what you farm, they get paid for your work and labor and never do anything but collect money!

I’m sure Monsanto owns the big Pharma that sells the Band-Aids for this too.  But, just wait, the baby-boomers kids are hitting 50 and they’ll start dropping like flies . . . First they’ll need glasses, then antacids, then countless other drugs . . . diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer!!  All because they never had a real garden, or always lived off Monsanto processed crap that accumulates in their bodies!

The American Machine, cash growing everywhere for them, instant profits stealing from everyone, with little or no really effort!  Isn’t capitalism great!!!  (see attached PDF:)

The research does not end there, however. Amazingly, there is evidence to suggest that GMOs are actually able to transfer into your body through a gene transfer. Research indicates that the gene sequences inserted into GMOs are capable of transferring into the host gut bacteria through horizontal gene transfer. In essence, the study shows that you literally are what you eat. This basically means that the consumption of genetically modified food can alter the genetic makeup of the bacteria within our bodies that is the foundation for our health. If the BT toxin gene (or even the antibiotic-resistance gene commonly used in food staples such as corn and soy) transfer into gut bacteria, they could be turned into a pesticide-producing factory. There is also the possibility that the now genetically modified transmogrified gut bacteria can transfer their genes to the epithelial tissue lining our intestines, which is a recipe for disaster. What these findings really show is that we truly are biologically compromised from what we eat. If you are consuming genetically altered food products, your biology can seriously be compromised.

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