Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the 10th Planetary Boundary: Another Life: CAW

It's the tenth Planetary Boundary that is approaching a tipping point. Not the CO2 or the Nitrogen, but another one more that is now breaking before our eyes. The Consciousness of the Planet is being forced to a tipping point by the arrogance behind the greed and deceptions of the Status Quo. Suddenly the masses are realizing that greed and fear are made up constructs. Complete deceptions promoted by industrial propaganda. They do not exist! Each is a useless substitute for value and truth. Now mankind is seeing beyond this tipping point we know that there is truth. Verifiable Truth. Not another lie for multinationals, industrial agriculture, or some politician. But the verifiable truth that we share here and now across the Internet.

Mankind knows we are in truth. We don't need representatives corrupted by lobbyist. We don't need others to tell us lies and fears. We don't need protection. We only need the truth. We can find the truth for ourselves. We can also see the truth, and decide to support more truth. Suddenly the lie of toxic foods stolen from the environment, minerals resources stolen from the earth, monopoly manipulations stealing from our societies, fear of violence stealing from our hearts, and fabricated financial limitations stealing our futures, can fall away.

I don't need you anymore. I can decide for myself. We can decide for ourselves. And we decide we do not need your deceptions anymore. Science can verify truth. We can measure it. The highest truth is that we do not need the deceptions of industry any more. We are safe in truth. We have enough, to share and grow together, without you telling us what to eat, or do, or think. . . please take all you money and leave!
What do you feel now?
It's really remarkable. Like everything connected in one second, and the lie was over! Like total death and destruction right there before my eyes. Hundreds and thousands, simply gone. The lie ended. The deceptions gone. All the Elements of Earth supported and embraced this new truth.
What did you expect?
I never know what's going to happen?
What do you want?

I want YOUR LOVE to shine
the 10th Planetary Boundary
- - the Tipping Point for Human Consciousness
where people realize they are lied to. Stolen from. And Killed. By the very forces and desires they create themselves in FEAR and GREED: FDA, USDA, EPA, FEMA, USA, EU $ #

Imagine! What would happen if you burned all paper.
No money. No Deeds. No Contracts. No Company.
No Country! = NO DECEPTION!

Only you and me on the INTERNET
Sharing the TRUTH!!!!

Another Life: Christopher AW: http://journal2mygod.blogspot.com/2013/08/another-life-christopher-aw.html
feels like they are still manipulated.
I don't need to speculate by who.
But I've seen it all before,
and if they are still there,
then they need to learn something, 3.33am

What did you need to share?
I'm not sure, I went to the Tarot site, just curious ;-)

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