Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unity Method Patent Application

United States Patent Application: 20070170306: Consider a "Headache"
Consider a "Headache"

[0026] Your brain is throbbing, you had a long week and are running late to work and just got a flat tire. You feel like someone is you pounding on your head with a sledge hammer. You might even experience the "white throbbing" sensation that accompanies migraine headaches. However, now conceive of the headache through this Method and recognize the unity of your own brain and body where they are only reacting to stimuli you have focused them on. When considering this Method in relationship to the immediate problem of the headache; you recognized that your consciousness is always in control of the mind and body, there is only one energy stream in your body=your own will power.

[0027] Now you choose to visualize this problem in a new way. You see this big white hammer pounding on the front of your head as a "picture." It is like a movie picture flashing on the wall of your head. Now you choose to focus on this picture throbbing on the wall of your head, and decide to redecorate this room. You see yourself walk across the inside of your head and grab that picture on the wall and through it out the window. Simultaneously you imagine the wadded up picture flying out your ear to land on the floor next to you.

[0028] Stop and notice now; your headache is gone. This simplistic example is perceived, understood and recognized instantly. Most people initially get a flash of "no headache" but then they are stunned and fall back into the familiar feeling of having no control and returning to their "headache." However, when accepting the conscious understanding of how everything is connected and related as defined by this Method; this simplistic insight and conscious exercise will end your headache. Seeing yourself in control allows yourself to take control. You are conscious of the energy moving through your nerves and brain and have decided to change the flow of your own energy. That fleeting moment you felt with "no headache" can simply be focused on and expanded. I almost never get headaches, and might get sick once a year. However, I simply remove this energy from my system and return to peace and comfort easily.

[0029] This is an improvement on the prior art of having no control over oneself and taking an aspirin, where mass media has programmed you to believe the drug will relieve your headache, while experiments have shown patients will respond and be relieved with just a sugar pill as well. This Placebo Effect is the unconscious version of this Method (Nordenberg, 2000).

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