Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Fw: The Immaculate Graft Of The Monsanto Reckless Release Act

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Dear Friends and Activists:

Washington, DC is a literal crime scene this week, a classic
whodunit. Not even Jon Tester, a member himself of the United States
Senate, can get anyone to tell him who secretly slipped language into
the emergency spending bill that purports to forbid both the
Department of Agriculture and the Courts from restricting unsafe
GMOs. This provision would purport to force release into the wild of
untested and potentially dangerous organisms, and stands to benefit
only the corporate special interests of Monsanto in particular.

There is a word for this. And the word is graft, making law for the
favor of a particular special interest contributor. If this is such a
great provision, why is it that nobody will even admit who put it in

It's not only a crime, it is irresponsible, as so many GMOs have
proven to have been a disaster already, just accelerating weed and
pest resistance. But Monsanto seeks to do the damage of reckless
release into the environment first, and test later. We are demanding
a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee to determine who is
responsible for putting this in there, and to demand their immediate
resignation, regardless of party affiliation, so that this kind of
anonymous graft can never happen again.

Monsanto Reckless Release Action Page:

The action page above will send your message to all your members of
Congress and directly to the Senate Appropriations Committee at the
same time.

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