Wednesday, March 06, 2013

ICAP Patent Brokerage | Selling Patent

Internet Message Publishing | ICAP Patent Brokerage: Internet Message Publishing Available at Spring 2013 Auction For More Information:

This portfolio discloses techniques for editing or revising messages posted on Internet forums or newsgroups. Typically, Internet forums allow users to post new messages or comment on messages posted by other users in a linear format; however, such forums do not permit message editing or manipulation of the initial post or subsequent responses, requiring new threads each time a user posts an updated message or information. Accordingly, lengthy discussions result in numerous postings, often with irrelevant or redundant data, protracting searches by users for pertinent information.
Value Proposition: The disclosed portfolio describes techniques for editing or managing messages posted on Internet forums and newsgroups, wherein a moderator transfers select messages based on specific criteria from an active discussion group to a separate forum using software-based tools (e.g., text editor). The disclosed techniques grant the moderator broad authority regarding posting and user access i.e.,  the moderator may include or exclude clients, advertise for new clients, incorporate threads from other newsgroups, and delete existing messages at his discretion. Importantly, the process enables users in an active forum to register for new discovery and transfer messages from that forum to still another newsgroup, thereby acting as moderators in the subsequent forum. Specific messages culled from each forum or newsgroup may be debated and revised before being published in a variety of formats, including web pages and books. Sample Forward Citation Analysis: Google

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