Saturday, January 05, 2013

Message: are "the elite"

Herbal_Remedies : Message: "the elite"
Dear Friends,
From what I can personally see, "the elite" is a very, very, very small number of individuals. Their primary visible "game" is to label different factions and get them to fight each other.

The more hidden tools are poisons like GMOs, microwaves, mercury (in fillings and vaccinations) aluminum and fluoride in the water, etc., that bring about stupidity, poor health, death, and sterility.

These are facilitated by drug-based symptom suppression, otherwise known as "modern health care." Another tool is assassination. Another is public ridicule (often for the sex crimes they get people involved in). Another is creating money out of the air so those who depend on them can "buy" anything they want or need without providing a valuable product in exchange.

Yes, they do have a lot of money and "power."
YOU, however, are more important, actually, than any of "them."
YOU are awake.


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