Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How do I publish my web page for a class?

How do I publish my web page for a class?: It is my understanding that USF students have webspace where they can upload personal webpages. How do I access this webspace and upload my website to it?

In order to upload your webpage you will first need to download and install a secure file transfer client. You can find and download suggested software such as WinSCP for PCs or FUGU for Macs at

After you have installed the secure file transfer software, you will need to open a connection to the web server:

The server name you are connecting to is:

Use your NetID as the username

Leave the port number and profile settings as they are

Click Connect.

A box will come up asking you for your password, enter the password you use with your NetID

Before uploading files for a webpage, you must first open the "public_html" folder in the pane by double-clicking the folder. Any file not inside of the "public_html" folder will not be accessible for your webpage.

The web server expects your main page to be named index.html and the index.html file must be located in the "public_html" folder.

Once your files are copied to the "public_html" folder using the secure file transfer client, your website can be accessed by using your web browser to go to http:// The contents of index.html will be automatically displayed.

If you are having trouble uploading your website please contact the Help Desk at (813) 974-1222.

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