Thursday, December 02, 2010

three planets will go direct

three planets will go direct
"Venus and Jupiter Turn Direct - November 18

An intensification of energy happens when a planet turns retrograde or direct. Like a focalized beam, the energy associated with the planet and the zodiac archetype penetrates into our collective and individual consciousness. Soon three planets will go direct, during which time their energies will act as spot lights to beam truth into our consciousness.

Both Venus (was in Scorpio, now at 28 degrees Libra) and Jupiter (in Pisces) go direct November 18. Mark November 17-19 on your calendar and be aware of what you feel. Do you feel clearer, more ready to move forward, more honest about what you really want, more connected to your heart? Do you feel more optimistic, more hopeful, less afraid, more courageous? Something has shifted inside you. What is it? This is part of your rebirth and recalibration process. Stay tuned to yourself. Another awakening is scheduled when Uranus in Pisces goes direct December 5.

Mercury Retrograde - December 10-30

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