Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Food Holds the Ultimate Leverage, Part II (Opinion)

Food Holds the Ultimate Leverage, Part II (Opinion)
In Part 1 we learned that controlling the food supply equates to having enormous leverage over the masses. During the Great Depression days, Americans were kept alive because of their ties to the rural farming communities. Families could grow food or rely upon their relatives to help sustain them. But in this world where we are clueless about where our food comes from or how to produce it, we have become extremely vulnerable. And, as food prices rise many will have little choice other that to shift to a diet of cheap, fatty, mass-produced foods loaded with sugar, salt, and synthetic chemicals, already a staple of the nation's poor.

Junk food, already a major contributor to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, is often the only food available to those living in the inner cities because decent supermarkets and decent foods are beyond their reach both geographically and financially. And as this blight continues and our economy deteriorates even more, the middle class will soon join their ranks.

When you walk down the street, look at people. What you will see are people wasting their bodies just like we waste our land. You will see bodies that are fat, weak, unhappy, sickly and gross - basically, the cash crop for the manufacturers of the pharmaceuticals. Our bodies have become nothing more than a shipping carton used to transport our brains and our few employable muscles back and forth to work.

The people will eat what the corporations decide what they should eat. They will become detached from what really provides life; they will become the slaves of the producers, and mindless zombies. The concept of the new model farms is to turn us all into machines. How can you mechanize production without mechanizing consumption?

So, the first step is to have the communities take back local food production and in the process, reclaim our lives which have been subjugated by corporate culture and brainwashing. We need to go back to the values that sustain a community. We need to re-connect with nature and life and to realize that our existence relies upon our relationship with God and each other. We need to realize that we all have the same Father making us all brothers and sisters in the truest sense of the words. It is this realization that will save us.

If not, then we will continue in an economy that focuses on technology, weapons, bling, and drugs. We will continue to be deprived of clothing, food, shelter and water. We will continue to fight wars just to acquire resources that we never owned anyway. If we adopt the consciousness that we are caretakers and not owners why would there be a need for war? The resources were here long before we got here and will be here long after we are gone. That makes God the true owner.

So, if a nation has a resource we don't have and we have a resource they don't have and we trade, this will bring harmony, peace and abundance and no need for wars. The problem is that no one can exploit anyone for money in a culture like this. The horror!


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