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patenting life and seeds could devastate the future of our culture

What ultimate paradox. You know and another one somewhat related to Monsanto I just learned about by watching Food, Inc. and I'm sure you've known but perhaps you can enlighten our listeners that Clarence Thomas who was an attorney for Monsanto prior to his being appointed and selected to the Supreme Court.

My understanding is that his positioning and reasoning was instrumental at allowing Monsanto to make one of the most grievous or grant Monsanto one of the most grievous patents ever in the history of the U.S. which was to patent life and seeds which could devastate the future of our culture.

Yeah, I got an email about five minutes ago. There is an organization that wants to create an email campaign, letter writing campaign to the Chief Justice asking him to force Clarence Thomas to recuse himself in the April Supreme Court consideration of genetically modified alfalfa.

Monsanto is going to court to try and get their genetically modified alfalfa okayed for distribution and we're hoping that Clarence Thomas recluses himself because of that relationship.

And yeah, I mean, we had other experiences. There was another judge that turned down a request for a class action on the price fixing. It turns out, he used to work for Monsanto and never mentioned that and did not recluse himself. That was not the Supreme Court but another judge.

the Austrian government did one of the very, very few long term feeding studies. They gave mice genetically modified corn which was a combination of BT and roundup ready and the more corn they fed to the mice the fewer the babies were born to those mice and the smaller those babies were. This raises the whole issue of reproductive problems which we're seeing a lot on the roundup ready soy side. In fact, I know this one senior researcher at the Russian National Academy of Sciences who fed genetically modified soy flour to female rats and more than half of the babies died within three weeks compared to only a 10% death rate among the controls that ate natural soy and the offspring of the GM fed group were smaller and could not reproduce.

She also fed GM soy to male rats and the testicles changed from pink to blue and in Italy some Italian researchers fed male mice genetically modified soy and there were changes and damages to their testicles including damage to the young sperm cells.

Then they looked at the embryos of offspring of parents that were fed genetically modified soy and the DNA functioned differently in the embryos compared to when the parents were fed regular soy.

So this raises a huge specter of potential problems for the infant mortality and morbidity. In fact, as happens and has always happens when a scientist discovers adverse findings, they tend to be attacked and this Russian scientist, she was attacked and she was vilified and she told she couldn't do any more GM research.

One of her colleagues tried to comfort her by saying well maybe the GM soy will solve the overpopulation problem on earth. She wasn't impressed.

They've got bad science down to a science to hide the evidence of harm.

To summarize and to cap off the health dangers, I think I'd like to quote the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Now, this organization is like real detective work. They look at the cutting edge of what's going on and they were the first to identify Gulf War syndrome and food allergies and chemical sensitivity and a host of other issues and they came out in May of 2009 stating the all doctors should prescribe non-GMO diets to all patients.

They said animal feeding studies have causally linked GMOs to things like infertility, immune system problems, accelerated aging, vital organ damage, gastrointestinal problems and disregulation of cholesterol and insulin. So, I'm suggesting that people take their advice. I know many, many doctors that prescribe non-GMO diets. They give out our non-GMO shopping guide which is a little pocket brochure or they suggest people to get our iPhone version which is called Shop no GMO.

Instead, they embarked on a campaign to destroy his reputation. But because of an act of Parliament in February of 1999, his gag order was lifted and 750 articles were written within a month and the specter of concern of GMOs as a food safety issue had spread throughout Europe and that's why Europeans don't eat GMOs because the tipping point was achieved and Nestles and Unilever and McDonalds and Burger King, everyone that serves GMOs here, no longer serves GMOs over there because there people know about them. Here, most people don't even think they've ever eaten a GM food in their life.

85% of the corn in the United States is genetically engineered
about 91% to 93% of the soybean crop is genetically engineered

we're seeing an increase in autism, an increase in gastrointestinal problems, leaking gut. Each of these things, have a theoretical capacity to be created and produced or promoted through the problems of genetic engineering

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