Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Income Tax for me!

Basic Reference Materials (PDFs)

Kombat Kit for Truth Troopers

Extras for Attorneys

Extras for PR/Media

Extras for IT/Bloggers

Tom Cryer: Reference Materials (PDF's)

The Memorandum, Tom Cryer—an authoritative memorandum filed in Tom Cryer's defense covers how tax laws are interpreted; the necessity for and absence of a statute making us liable for the income tax; the extent of the federal taxing authority and Constitutional limitations on the manner of federal taxation; the limited legal definition of income; labor as property; our fundamental right to earn a living through our own labor and its exemption from taxation; and much more (109 pages)

Tom Cryer Trial - Motion to dismiss

Tom Cryer Trial - Brief

Tom Cryer Trial - Voir Dire

Tom Cryer Trial - Volume 1

Tom Cryer Trial - Volume 2

Tom Cryer Trial - Volume 3

Tom Cryer Trial - Volume 4

Tom Cryer Trial - Government Response

Tom Cryer Trial - Reply to Government Response

Tom Cryer Trial - Jury Instructions

Court Cases

Jimmy C. Chisum Vs US

General Reference Materials

Internal Revenue Code - January 2002

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