Friday, November 19, 2004

Quantun Brain MOdel v6 Feb 1995

arXiv:quant-ph/9502006 v1 6 Feb 1995: "Finally, according to the original quantum brain model, the recall processis described as the excitation of dwq modes under an external stimulus whichis �essentially a replication signal�[9] of the one responsible for memory print-ing. When dwq are excited the brain �consciously feels�[9] the presence of thecondensate pattern in the corresponding coded vacuum. The replication signalthus acts as a probe by which the brain �reads� the printed information.In this connection we observe that the dwq may acquire an effective nonzeromass due to the effects of the system finite size[12]. Such an effective mass willthen introduce a threshold in the excitation energy of dwq so that, in order totrigger the recall process an energy supply equal or greater than such a thresholdis required. Non sufficient energy supply may be experienced as a �difficultyin recalling�. At the same time, however, the threshold may positively act asa �protection� against unwanted perturbations (including thermalization) andcooperate to the memory state stability. In the opposite case of zero thresholdany replication signal could excite the recalling and the brain would fall in astate of �continuous flow of memories"

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